Overcome Mixape

I have got a mixtape in production, produced entirely by InsaneBeatz, its going to be a free download, heres the tracklist:

1.livin my life
2.reach out
3.new future
4.monsters part 2
5.nursery rhymers
6.the darkness


There are some demo versions of a few of the songs online already. Find them below:

Heres the first song off the mixape, Mixed and Mastered by Shane Deane:

Its just a tune exploring my personal issues in life, I wrote it to get some shit off my chest.

Heres Nursery Rhymers:

This is a tune with many layers. First off,its a diss against shit MCs, that are disgracing the scene. Secondly its a representation of what I would say to my worst enemy. Thirdly, it is a portrayal of what a Schizophrenic voice in your head would be saying to you all day, every day if you were psychotic.

Lastly is Overcome, incase that last song was too much for you , this is more uplifting:

This is a song for anyone suffering from mental illness, encouraging patients to fight and strive to recover.

The project itself is a journey to hell and back. Youll be taken from my life now, to back in the day, into a gritty tale of murder and pain. Youll be given a glimpse into the mental hospital from a patients perspective. I raise awareness for a new drug policy and describe the pain felt when you loose someone to drugs too, I touch upon politics and urge us to move forward toward a new future. But through it all, you can overcome.


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