Overcome Mixtape


Here it is! After sitting on this tape a long time, Its finally here!

Willy G – Overcome

I signed up to InsaneBeatz website a good year ago, and I recieved a free beats package for that sign up. It was 4 folders full of instrumentals. The contract stated I could use them however I wanted as long as I credited InsaneBeatz himself, and released them free of charge. I wrote a few songs to them every once in a while, and eventually gathered up enough tunes for a whole tape. I sat on them for a good while, after releasing my Streets Talking EP, it wasnt well recieved at all so I held off on this one because of that. But after a good long break from Hip Hop, I decided to get back at it. And get this music out to fuck, so that I could move on to new stuff!

The tape itself is a journey into my fucked up mind, lol. Living my Life kicks it off, a song about my life at the time of writing, a bit personal. Then Reachout comes in. Inspired by a good friend of mine that died from drugs, I urge the country to change its policies to save lives. Then in A New Future, I try to get people away from the old ways of this country and move toward a new and better future, aswell as vent a bit about different things. Monsters Part II delves into my life, my problems and highlights the failings of the Mental Health System when trying to help me. The Darkness is a gritty Murder Story, where everyone dies. Its very dark, and just shows that everyone has the potential to be Jesus, while at the same time , have the potential to be Hitler. When you let the darkness in, nobody wins. Nursery Rhymers, is what I would say to my worst enemy. Its what a schizophrenic voice would be saying to you all day if you were psychotic. Its also a diss for any MC to see, that I can rip you to pieces lyrically if you want to call me out. Then Overcome is an uplifting song, no matter what youve been through, all these fucked up themes of this tape, you will be ok afterwards. After the dark night, the dawn always comes.


Here’s the tape on You Tube for anyone on their phones, or who want to share it or rip it with a downloader. Its downloadable on Sound Cloud , and I will have it on Band Camp so you can download the whole tape at once soon.


Thanks for listening! I am now starting work on some new projects with original Irish beats from Steve D. Theres talk of some work with Shane Deane too, and Im working with Belgian Producer DJ Jeroen Putteman. Stay tuned for more IHH!