Third Eye Vision Research


The ancient secret of the third eye is real, your Pineal gland is an organ used to observe another world outside the spectrum of visible light with, through refracting sub-atomic light through tiny crystals into retina embedded deep in the brain. All mystics in history have used this power, and so can you.

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This section of the site is an area dedicated to research into these third eye visionary powers. Below you will find resources and links to good sources to start your research into how these powers have been used to communicate with spirit worlds by people like Jesus, Buddha, the Dalai Lamas Oracle, Visionaries in Medjugorje who see the Virgin Mary, The secret society known as the Rosicrucians, Freemasons, the ancient Gnostics who were deemed heretics and burnt at the stake for what they saw, and many more mystics and seers throughout known history.

Here is a good introductory talk about the Third Eye by an Indian man called Raja Choudhury . There is a rich history of Third Eye symbolism in India so who better to guide you into this area of research than Raja:

A power house of this info is the streaming service Gaia which you may want to sign up to and watch all their videos. Some can be found on Youtube, such as this one with Gregg Braden

There are many resources out there online, you just need to know where to look. One place I would check out is The 4bidden Knowledge Website hosted by Billy Carson aka 4bidden Knowledge. He is a self made multi-millionaire hip hop producer/author who has a sharp mind with a spark of genius when it comes to these topics. His Youtube channel is worth checking out too, and Ill leave one of his recent livestreams here too which absolutely blew my mind, the amount of info he goes into here, topic after topic of non stop truth which really is something you should be thinking about:

There are two books which I would recommend to everyone to read on these topics, and they are The Secret History of the World and The Sacred History by Jonathan Black. These books delve deep into the history of mystical powers and the spiritual, groups such as the Rosicrucians and Freemasons, ancient Mystery Schools and the occult history of the world thats been hidden from the public. Another book which I am currently reading and do recommend is Nostradamus and Other Prophets and Seers by Jo Durden Smith.

There are many occult books out there too which have a wealth of information about these things in them. Most Ive found are old so it takes a minute to get used to the old ways of writing and stuff, but is a great resource thats full of occult books,and damn near all of them are free download PDFs.

If your looking for something you cant find on Amazon or Darkbooks, PDF Drive .com is another great source of books, a quick search with some keywords will bring up free downloadable PDFs, and if you have a tablet, its easy to get the Adobe Acrobat app and read them in your spare time, or even on your phone.

If you are looking for any sacred texts, there is an online database of them here at where you can find all sorts of esoteric and occult books, the only thing is you have to read them on your laptop.

There are some really informative and interesting Youtube Videos out there too on the third eye, one channel in particular that is great for info is the Spiritual Awakening Channel where psychic Nicki Sutton takes you through different aspects of Spirituality, including the Third Eye in the below video:

Other notable figures in the realm of the occult/alternative scene are Mark Passio who hosts a weekly podcast called What on Earth is Happening which is quality. He goes over Mind control, the Occult, Natural Law, and much more. David Wilcock who talks about ancient spirituality and scriptures amongst other things such as the secret space program and cutting edge science that is little known in this mainstream world. Like Billy Carson, he can fairly talk and its entrancing how much info he can go over in a couple hours.

Of course you cant mention alternative/conspiracy theories and hidden powers without mentioning the Godfather of the alternative scene, David Icke. You may think his reptilian stuff is too out there, but if he was right about so much else, he could be right about that too! Imagine! lol – as with all these researchers, youve got to find what you agree with in their work and use it to paint the bigger picture in your own mind.

Richard Cassaro is another researcher Ive found who has some quality info, Ive even bought one of his books which goes into the Third Eye symbolism in ancient art and architecture.

Irish author Michael Tsarion is another figure who dives into this field of alternative research, touching on the occult, astrology, ETs, the Irish Origins of Civilization, Atlantis and more.

Leak Project is another great Youtube channel for way out there info and interviews to do with Archons, Reptilians, Thoth, Magic, Demons, etc.

One of the best Documentaries on this whole world of craziness is Kymatica which you can find below. It is similar to Zeitgeist and is well worth the watch to expand your consciousness


I will be updating this section of the site with any more resources I find as we continue to decipher these mystical third eye visionary powers.

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