Third Eye Vision Research Updated

Here is more Third Eye Vision Research.

I have found a video by Greg Braden about the new science of the integrated field of consciousness in everything. This is mind blowing stuff when you really begin to grasp it, our hearts are putting out electro magnetic energy into this field and probably receiving energy from it too. He mentions affecting particles back in time too. Interesting stuff.


Another lock of stuff Ive found is these theosophical society lectures and webinars. They are very important for students who want to know more about the third eye, the other realm and the mystical tradition in general. Its advanced stuff for those that know how real this stuff is.


An interesting oddity I’ve found is this video about Masons using ‘Astral attack’ to silence those who break their oaths. If you don’t know, astral attack is a form of psychic attack to do with black magic. If this guys for real its an interesting clue to what these people believe…. interestingly the channel seems to be shadow banned on Youtube, maybe because hes saying masons believe they have inter-dimensional portals for beings to enter and attend their meetings! And I’m the one on meds! Haha


Another source of wisdom to look to is 2pacs music. This song is called Violent Killuminati. Some people would say it means kill the illuminati but to me it alludes to how the powers that be have blinded us all to the truth and robbed us of our light, effectively killing us all who couldve been the true illumined ones of this age, or illuminati, a true killuminati of the masses, they killed the lights in our hearts and we didn’t even realize.


A great source of knowledge of the hidden truth is also Manly P Hall. You can find many of his lectures on Youtube including this one on magic. He mentions the Astral Light, a very special kind of light that can be harnessed by the mind, connected to the Astral Realm. Be careful though you may disturb the Astral creatures and beings that inhabit there if your not careful.


Another lecturer and great mind along the same lines is Alan Watts, whose lectures can also be found all over Youtube, there is even chillstep mixes of them!


I will continue to update this section of the website with resources and links for study and research. Feel free to leave a comment with anything you think might be important and thanks for visiting!

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