Third Eye Research Page 6

Here’s a playlist of a bunch of episodes David Wilcock did of the Wisdom Archive. Really eye opening stuff about DNA and the nature of reality, worth a mini-binge watch till the end!

He talks about channeled material. I am not sure about that kind of stuff myself, but last time I was in hospital with psychosis I was obsessed with the Urantia book which is a large volume of text dictated by a sleeping person while channeling some sort of alien intelligence! It deals with a lot of stuff about the universe, and even jesus and stuff.

Check the Urantia book out here

Edgar Cayce is another man who would go into trances too and channel amazing medical diagnosis of patients he saw. One diagnosis had him advise on using a certain medicine which could be found at a certain chemists. The chemist in question was asked but couldn’t find this certain medicine until Cayce told him the exact location on a dusty shelf in the back of the shop. When the chemist checked, there in the back sat an old bottle with a worn label of the exact medicine in question. That story always stood out to me. Here is the first part in a series about the man and his mysterious powers:

All these powers can be unlocked when you open the third eye. There are many videos on Youtube full of instructions of how to do this. The kind of things your able to do are amazing and these powers are said to lay dormant in all humans and maybe even some animals. Have you ever heard of dog telepathy? When your canine friends know that your coming home from work as soon as you leave the office? They have a third eye too. Here is one of those Youtube vids on how to open your third eye, by Infinite Waters, a Youtuber who gets into all this kind of stuff:

Here is a banned ted talk about these powers of remote viewing and psychic phenomena.

Someone you should get familiar with is the late Terrence McKenna (RIP) who goes in depth on many way out there concepts and theories. If you can understand his way of thinking (it can get mind boggling sometimes) he has gems of wisdom and ways of seeing things you’d never think of. Here is a video by After Skool featuring McKenna about time: