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One thing guaranteed to open the Third Eye powers is Psychedelics. Draconian laws have kept them suppressed for decades now world wide, but you just have to look back to the relationship native cultures all had with these plants to know they are our sacred gateway to God. This is an eye opening documentary about these medicines.


The sacred secretion is also an interesting avenue of research. Sexual alchemy and Christ are both involved in an esoteric secret of the cerebrospinal fluid and the pineal gland which can awaken amazing mystical experiences within you .

Tapping yourself on the forehead between the eyes every hour or two for a couple days will awaken this secretion and you will space out, but be careful because the secretion is laden with possible DMT and/or Adrenochrome I think. A kind of natural home-brewed psychedelic, how cool is that! You are a walking DMT factory but they cant lock you up for it.

The only way you possibly could be locked up for it is if you access it and awaken the secretion, then start having mystical experiences and communicating with entities and whatnot. Eventually somebody’s going to say something, if not before negative beings find you then after and you could end up with schizophrenic voices like this lad below, so be careful!

I’ve been through it, and its not pretty! But whats worse, the American government took schizophrenics from mental hospitals and subjected them to horrific experiments after WW2. As if voices weren’t bad enough, their project called MK-Ultra helped them gain mass mind control techniques through torture, trauma based hypnotism and electro-shock therapy that was off the charts.

As the narrator says, this isn’t fiction, and if you want to know more in depth info on mind control, look no further than Mark Passio’s podcast on his site What on earth is happening below. Start from podcast 1 and work through them and your eyes will be opened to the craziness going on in this world right now.

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