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Welcome to page four of the Third Eye Research section of the site, and congratulations on making it this far!! You are a true truth seeking warrior and I commend you for your efforts!

We will focus on Alien intelligence in this section. One of the biggest kept secrets in the world is the field of UFOs and Alien abductions. We all see strange lights in the night sky from time to time, and there are many caught on tape such as this one in space:

Yes that is real UFOs in space! Notice all the strange craft things all around earth which move when some sort of beam weapon is shot from the surface of the planet into space. What are these things? Idk, some are translucent. NASA have kept this top secret, and in this next vid you can see an incident where a tether broke loose and these things swarmed it:

I’ve read theories online (I can’t remember where but I’ll find out) that these doughnut shaped entities are the Archons David Icke talks about. Remember this is space, and these are clearly beings living there, up above the upper atmosphere!! What in under god, it boggles the mind.

A lot of UFO researchers and people who speak out go missing under mysterious circumstances so I am risking a lot just to show you those videos, which I encourage you rip and re-upload to a ghost channel before they are taken down permanently. (They keep going missing and being re-uploaded – which is super spooky)

The late Dr.Karla Turner’s talks are some of the most bone chilling, terrifying accounts of alien abduction I have ever seen. Here is her last before she passed away.

Here’s a brand new talk by Billy Carson on everything from ancient civilizations to Planet X, the sacred texts of India to extra-terrestrial human civilizations in certain star systems we see in the night sky. Those Mars anomalies at the end though! I was convinced something very strange is going on when I saw that Martian tank with the gun turret on it, (Wtf!?)

Here is a video about the unacknowledged projects on UFOs in the american military and how they are keeping zero point energy from us and stuff, mostly inspired by Dr.Steven Greer’s film Unacknowledged I think:

I recently re-watched the movie Arrival which is an epic story of Alien contact with allegorical symbolism and hidden clues in it… That along with Prometheus are favourites of mine. Men in Black, even the animated series, Signs, Mission to Mars, Interstellar are all great films to watch which are inspired by modern alien theories. Here’s the beginning of Prometheus if you haven’t seen it:


The alien lore is very rich in this world, and for good reason! They are controlling us all!! Or are they? Did they come thousands of years ago and if so why? Did they modify our DNA? Are we part alien?? Find out in my 4th chapter of The Third Eye Conspiracy, my new online book, out now for free Here.

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