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If you’d like to know more about Pk (Psycho-kenesis), here’s an interesting wee documentary vid about the mysterious powers we all are said to have.

Another use for these psychic powers is contacting extraterrestrials, as they are all telepathic by nature. Dr.Steven Greer is releasing a feature film this Autumn 2019 about this. Mass contact by the people is needed to welcome these visitors properly, I will definitely be participating, will you?

If you go onto Dr.Greers Youtube channel through the above video there, he has a series of lectures on how to use remote viewing techniques to contact these beings. Remote viewing has been studied by various government groups and remote viewers even enlisted in top secret projects to view enemy bases and the like, even the past and future and outer space. You zero in on a target and receive information to your minds eye which you can then decipher to put together a real picture of what your viewing.

You must be careful. Judging by what Michael Tsarion covers in this vintage letcure on the Origins of Evil, there are powers out there that don’t want you to know or use this stuff, who are masters of the craft and may do anything to stop this global awakening.

You can find many lectures and radio show talks of Tsarions with a simple Youtube search of his name – Michael Tsarion. I recommend his lecture on the destruction of Atlantis and his work on the Irish Origins of Civilization.

If you would like to vibe out to some tunes about this kind of stuff, Donnie Arcade is an ill lyricist who works with 4bidden knowledge exclusively on woke topics and esoteric themes.

All this ancient esoteric knowledge goes hand in hand with the Third Eye, and the cutting edge science such as noetics too. Billie Carson AKA 4Bidden Knowledge is another great source of info on this stuff. He has a book out decoding the Emmerald Tablets of Thoth, and many videos on Youtube you can find with a quick search. Here is a presentation he did about the Holographic nature of the Universe:

David Icke talks of a species of inter-dimensional beings who feed off our misery and seek to control us called the Archons. Written of in the Gnostic Nag Hammadi texts, these mysterious beings are invisible to our two regular eyes and can only be perceived by opening the third eye. He goes into ancient serpent bloodlines too and how they’re all connected to government and royalty even to this day. People called him crazy because they had no reference for these things, thinking school taught them all there is. Well… theres much more.

More books to get would be The Shining Ones by Philip Gardiner and Gary Osborn, about the mysterious group who kept the serpent knowledge hidden throughout history and still rule the world today.

Daemon by Anthony Peake goes into Schizophrenia and the voices of Joan of Arc amongst other examples of Extra Sensory Perception the author theorizes is to do with our higher self, a daemon who has lived our life before and can guide us. I’m currently reading it and its very interesting.

The Genesis 6 Conspiracy by Gary Wayne is a huge book to do with the Nephilim and Watchers, Freemasons and hidden knowledge, interpreted through the eye of a Christian to hold true to the bible.

The Heretics Handbook by Jonathan Black is the next edition in the Secret History type series of books he has written about spirituality and mentions lots of mystical stuff. Available as a kindle single.

Your Thoughts are not your Own by Neil Sanders is a crazy expose of MK Ultra and mind control experiments carried out by the American government including drugging people with LSD, subjecting patients in asylums to comas lasting months where they looped audio in irrremovable headphones to them, extreme eletcro shock therapies, and many more sick things done in the hopes of controlling societies minds!

Enjoy your research and your day.

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