Third Eye Blog Articles


Welcome to the section of the site dedicated to all the blog articles Ive written about this Third Eye stuff, here you can easily navigate through them all instead of going through the blog for ages.

First up is my Spaced Out Entertainment episode about the Luciferian New World Order and Second Renaissance. Check it Here.

Second is my jam about all this conspiracy shit, I digested it all and out came this jumble of rap.

Third is my other jam about seeing a levitating sorcery orb at an Interdimensional portal lake.

Fourth, my song with Jeroen Puttemans about going through psychosis and Schizophrenia, I touch on the possibilities it could be such as aliens, dark occultists, ghosts, or even me myself if I am part of all and all is one.

Fifth, my article about Psychiatry and Anti-Psychotic medication being a sham and a con.