The Third Eye Conspiracy


Welcome to the section of my site dedicated to The Third Eye Conspiracy, my new book which I am working on. I am a Hip-Hop artist but also an aspiring author, and I am posting my book as I write it, chapter by chapter in a kind of experiment before I publish it as an E-Book for Kindle devices (and maybe print up some physicals too).

Check out the free E-book’s progress so far by Clicking Here.. That link will take you to the page with all the PDFs of each chapter along with the full version of the book up to the current chapter, for free download.

Along with that, I’m posting my most interesting pieces of research, favourite vids and essential sources of info for looking into this stuff here on my site too. I find it incredibly interesting and I think if you dig my music, why not share in my other passion of alternative research too! Down the line I may dedicate another whole website to this stuff, a second site… for stuff to do with the second sight… lol.

This is the index, from here you can navigate to all the pages of research I’ve posted so far, I update it regularly and will include any more research I post on here as I develop it further.

Third Eye Research – Page 1 (Introduction, Essential links & Resources, Documentaries)

Third Eye Research – Page 2 (Cutting-edge Science, Conspiracies, Music, Lectures)

Third Eye Research – Page 3 (ESP, Talks, Aliens, Books)

Third Eye Research – Page 4  (UFO Evidence, Contactees, Useful Channels, Movies)

Third Eye Research – Page 5 (Psychedelica, Sacred Secretion, MK-Ultra)

Third Eye Research Page 6  (DNA, Telepathy, Edgar Cayce, Terrence McKenna)

Thanks for taking the time to check this stuff out. There is a global awakening happening on this planet, and more people wake up every day. If you are one, share this info far and wide and lets start the second Renaissance! Thanks to the internet, it can be done, and now is the time. No more fear of speaking about this stuff, no more shame and ridicule. This is really cool shit and needs talked about!

If you have any questions or info, leave a comment or use the contact page ( the navigation bar can be found in the top right hand corner of this site), and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Thanks for visiting.


-Willy G