The Third Eye Conspiracy Book


The Third Eye sits atop an unfinished pyramid on the American Dollar Bill. A clue, telling us that there are secret teachings about this which we are not privy to. Somewhere, people are learning about this other eye and its powers, behind closed doors where we are not allowed to go. Is it the ‘All Seeing Eye’? Does it have mystical powers? Will we ever find the answers we seek? A modern day mystery….

Since the beginning of time, people have used this eye and its mysterious powers. The ancients saw the world in a different way, an idealist , mind before matter way and took visions they’d seen as real. Egyptians working for gods they conversed with in ceremonies, enhanced with hallucinogenic drugs and Cannabis incense created one of the most amazing cultures in history to date. Out of Egypt came the Hebrews and the Jewish faith, who continued the mystical traditions. Talking to God on DMT bushes, miracles witnessed by whole tribes, ancient magic and sorcery, incantations and vision questing.”

The above is an excerpt from page one of my new book “The Third Eye Conspiracy”, which you can read by clicking the link below for free. I am updating it as I write it as a kind of motivation experiment and to get feedback too. Here is the full book so far, up to chapter 5 (in PDF form):

The Third Eye Conspiracy- A Novel by William Gallagher (Unfishished)15-11-19

The above link will take you to a PDF document which you can either read on your browser or download on your phone or tablet to view with Adobe Acrobat or whatever program your using, for free.

It’s still a work in progress and I am editing chapters as I go so the chapter you read might be completely different now that I’ve updated it.

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-Scribbling Willy