Steemit is a website dedicated to Crypto-Currency. Its a platform for artists to share their content, and gain some of this Crypto from other members Up-Voting their posts. Its like Facebook with money, but you get paid for your stuff, instead of paying for advertising and shit.

Ive made a few hundred dollars worth of the crypto-currency since I started last year. I managed to cash it out into bitcoin and use to buy stuff, like books and a new camera, which I use now to make more videos, to post on Steemit and stack even more Crypto- Cash!

If you want to know what its all about, check out my profile on there and all the money Im making, its all public. Theres an FAQ section found at the top right of the page if you want to know how to join, and start making your own money. There is a thriving Hip Hop community on there, with regular competitions for MCs and Beatmakers, and Ive made over 100 SBD on one song, when SBD was valued at 5 dollars each, thats over 500 Dollars off one song!

To visit my profile, just follow the link below :

>>>> Willy G on Steemit <<<<<

Have a look about, and check out all the great content from other artists too!

Registration takes a few days though, as they have a back log since its getting so popular, and take a while to send the confirmation text to your phone. But trust me, its great fun once you get on there.