Ive released two projects officially now across all platforms, Schizo-Life and The G Man EP. My favourite is Schizo-Life which you can find below on Bandcamp. St Devil is sick with the beats and production!!



Ive got music on Youtube (Click Here). Thats where I release most of my stuff like Termite Cypher Jams and funny videos I made while messing around with my camera, audio of non profit songs and random songs I make here at the house!

Ive got a SoundCloud (Click Here) too where I release other stuff aswell for free. Its not about the money, but if you want to buy any of my stuff you can click into the bandcamp player above and thats where you can purchase my EP to show some support!

Ive got a few projects coming soon, as we speak:

  • Im putting the finishing touches to the vocals of a project called Psychosomatic Im doing with Violently Ill.
  • Ive got a few songs in the works for another project with St Devil too, as of yet untitled.
  • And Im working with Amsterdams Seveaux on a few tracks, maybe an ep or album too.
  • Many more tunes will be hitting the Youtube too, I release songs randomly sometimes for the craic just and have fun with it so keep an eye out!