Ive released two projects officially now across all platforms, Schizo-Life and The G Man EP. My favourite is Schizo-Life which you can find below on Bandcamp. St Devil is sick with the beats and production!!



Ive got more music across Soundcloud (where Ive released tonnes of music) and Youtube (Where Ive got videos galore, and Termite Cypher Jams). You can find links above in the menu for them.

The song in the music player to the top right is a collaboration between me and Amsterdams Seveaux who produced and mixed the track. Its about sites like Whaleshares, where if you make a lot of Crypto-currency you are deemed to be a ‘Whale’ which is what I aspire to be, Im also funky!!

Im working on numerous projects at the moment which include:

  • Termite X Willy G Mixtape
  • Fresh Eire/St.Devil EP
  • Seveaux X Willy G music
  • 2020 Vision Solo Album
  • Collaboration with DJ Jeroen Puttemans
  • Termite Weekly Cypher Jams
  • Numerous Other Collaborations
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