Welcome to the music section of my website! Here you will find all my projects and links to my channels and stuff.

Willy G’s Latest Video:

Willy G: Like Wow

Willy G Popular Songs

Turf, Motherfucker, Turf!

My most famous video on Youtube about my love of turf! A comedy song from the hills of Donegal. Click the link and enjoy!

Suckin’ The Hind Tit

A comedy country song about life in rural Donegal, told from the perspective of a farmer!

MC Zit: Zit Pop Hip-Hop

A random song about a ginormous zit I developed one day that caused me to temporarily change my name and drop this video, featuring the zit!

When I’m Coming Through

A Jam I did as part of Termite’s World-wide Cypher Jam on Steemit that blew up on Facebook. I’ve never replied to so many comments!


My story of recovery from mental illness, my battle with Schizophrenia and psychosis, getting on medication and managing to put my life back together after disaster struck.

Bloody Sunday

A song I did years ago as part of Restless Ambitions with Mugsy the Juck about the Bloody Sunday atrocity that happened on 30th of January , 1972 in Derry.

Willy G Projects


My first official cross- platform release is an EP with beats produced by St.Devil. You’ll find it on Spotify, Itunes and Deezer, basically everywhere!

The G Man EP

My second EP release across all platforms. This one’s also produced exclusively by St.Devil. You’ll find it on all streaming platforms, just search for Willy G or The G Man EP.

Fuck Shit Would Sum It Up Tape

My latest release with London’s Termite. Produced by him, it’s a journey into Psychiatric treatment and the headaches that go with a Schizophrenia Diagnosis.

The Third Eye Conspiracy Tape

I delve into the esoteric and arcane mysteries of the world in this new tape. Inspired by many books read and days sitting watching Youtube conspiracies and spiritual content.

Willy G + Termite – Schizopsychic

A story about a Schizophrenic guy who realises the truth, that he is psychic, and the only way to stop him was for quack psychiatrist “doctors” to diagnose him as sick in the mind, to turn his powers against him. That is, until he realised it was a conspiracy.

Social Media/ Youtube etc

Willy G: On Youtube

Ive got music on Youtube. That’s where I release most of my stuff like Termite Cypher Jams and funny videos I made while messing around with my camera, audio of non profit songs and random songs I make here at the house!

Willy G: On Spotify

Here you can follow me and stream both my projects Schizo-Life and The G Man EP, along with my upcoming full album release No Fucks Given

Willy G: On Sound Cloud

I’ve got a Sound Cloud Page too, full of randomness! Consider it a back-stage pass to my lab!

Scribbling Willy on Steemit

I am also on Steemit, a new website for creators without censorship! I post most stuff for profit there, as I make crypto-currency with every post that gets upvoted by members! Check me out on there, I’m Scribbling Willy

Willy G on Facebook

Check me out on Facebook too. My Willy G band page is growing daily, and its where I announce new projects and post videos and stuff.

Future Releases

Ive got a few projects coming soon, as we speak:

  • I’m working on an 18 track project called ‘No Fucks Given‘ which I will be releasing on Bandcamp, Spotify, Itunes and all streaming platforms in the new year
  • I’ve got an album coming around April in the new year called “2020 Vision” featuring production from some American beat-makers
  • I’m working on a project called ‘Psychosomatic‘ with Belfast producer Violently ill which is shaping up to be a mad one
  • I’ve also got a tape in the works with London’s Termite called “Schizopsychic” which will be released soon. It’s a concept album about a Schizophrenic who turns psychic…
  • There’s more stuff in the works too I just don’t want to give anything away about it just yet…

Here is the artwork for my upcoming project scheduled for April called “2020 Vision