I featured on the Smoke Signals Album as part of Restless Ambitions in ’07/’08. It was only released in physical copies and theyre all sold out! It was never released online.

That was my first proper Album release. Since then, Ive messed around with releasing individual songs over the years, and have only recently released my first 2 Mixtapes, due to battling this Schizophrenia for the past decade.

streets talkin mixtape cover4

My first Mixtape release was the Streets Talkin EP which I dropped last year, and you can find it  for free download, or just to listen, at the link below :

Willy G – Streets Talkin EP


My second Mixtape I released shortly after that was Overcome. Mixed and Mastered by myself, and featuring production from InsaneBeatz, you can find it below:

Willy G – Overcome Mixtape


I have released the Unleashed EP as part of Fresh Eire, youll find all our music including the EP at the link below:

Fresh Eire Music – Unleashed


I have also been featured on the North West Hip Hop Collective’s North West Underground Mixtape, you’ll find it below, along with info on the collective.

North West Hip Hop – North West Underground Mixtape