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This frame of “The Freestate” with a Schizomystic. Willy G plaque on it is €39.99 and get your own custom plaque with your name and favorite phrase for an extra €10

“The Freestate” Canvas print by Chistopher Loughrey

Without Plaque : €34.99

With Schizomystic-Willy G Plaque : €39.99

With Custom Rap Name and favourite phrase plaque : € 49.99

Postage and packaging varies wherever you are, we are in the Republic of Ireland here so Ireland and UK is cheaper

Getting postercanvas prints of this soon, will be announced soon how much: click the picture below and fill in the form (include “mona lisa willy g canvas”) and your paypal email : or email for info.

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Signed Album CDs:


Ten Euro

P&p from Ireland from €2.50

This is the tape that caused the apocalypse and fullfilled wormwood prophecy in Bangor 2011 at Eminem concert at Tennants vital: The Vrill Tape:



all donation and sales go toward new covers and official releases, better designs and merch

Willy G Schizomystic poster €10


100‘s of Rare occult books on data cd £10 free soft secrets cannabis magazines on it :Click link


Powered through the holy spirit , astral light, higgs boson field ether fabric of the universe light that is 100% stable, psychedelic imagination posters, custom youtube app Beta experimental* , interactive historical gig with secret unlock function for time travel to all hip hop gigs in northern Ireland, albums astral headphones for phonecall, backgrounds in flight for environment thorugh bible powered wormwood apparition light of holy spirit, secret raves in astral realm, old houses and farmville built hangers and environment through imaginationland tech. neon bling that is stable with diamonds and neuroliser lightsabre grade neon coloured holy spirit light, fireworks style Mib astral defence beacons with secret mib base and backdoor to islands, imaginary studio unlockable on terra the 5th dimension through time portals open or closed doors in memories on ipod, hip hop history of northern ireland through holograms, tutorial, breakdancing and rhymewrtitng classes in freestate astral plane, portals stable like crash bandicoot, join freestate jedi revolution for world peace, and pay it forward

Just imagine an astral realm dreamscape ticket holding mp3 player in front of you and it is stable group hallucination one for all and play tutorial.

can transform into any phone or iphone past or furture

security element has invisible drones with live astral camera feed to screen in real time recording

kodi element of any movie ever known

augmented reality through astral plane bhuddic fire pillar holy spirit pylon in your house like stable electricity from ever burning flame torch outside house.

or on ipod, pokemon go without phone telepathically with astral technology spiritual holy spirit gifts

faith healing gifts classes, miraculous golden holy spirit light, alien version of pokemon go and all footballs and pitches stable,

car cloning and car skins available. and more

*all movies fulfilled by akashic records angels through degree learning in pandora trhough lemurian portal of dreamscape freestate

builders wanted to build isla sorna and nublar jurrasic parks out like minecraft

artists wanted to construct pokemon go astrally telepathically with psychic powers worldwide,

menu and tutorial needs to be stable programmers wanted

tutorial for time travel options essential

all worlds stable like mediation imagination house, if not use memory of old house in secret location

memories can be turned into secret meeting places even imaginary places like hubs for time travel with avatars

all comes iwth bonus features, utility belt of ever burning flame, all sorts of different gizmos can transform into nintendo ds or pokedex , utility belt has hologram disguise tech can do neon clothing or stable shapeshifter form such as batman or any superhero

otherworld invoked extra bonus ball psychic powers

midas touch in holy spirit wake any dupe

christ warriors

stable phonecall and internet and timeless 5th dimension for global ascension to heaven *=(reveals earth is realm of heaven – different backgroudns room transforms to spaceship you travel any time or place

laws of time explained, slow down or speed up time

miraculously appears thorugh divine magic thaumaturgy from willy gsus himself in the freestate base

join the freestate secret society no oath shine apparitions of bible prophecy signs and wonders

break the 7 seals on the seven chakras let them shine and learn how to activate kundalini

universe inside you youtube channel reports junk dna is hidden superhuman dna so learn all info on esoteric mysteries of chi to levitate, turn angelic, flip cars etc on on text messaging stable freestatebook app and websites stable on ipod internet icon powered form bhuddic plane holy spirit pylon of bhuddic fire of holyspirit never ending flame – touch on others flame to power up respawns

read this book and take the figurative boat of a million years of knowledge to ethereal imagined egyptian land where all movies fullfilled by akashic record angels thorugh hallucinogenic trance session with pharaohs akhenaten and nefertiti in a smoke session like a projector

ipod astral headphones boomboxes and speakers sound bite audio messages and voice calls powered through unlocking telepathic powers of chakras learned then reiki and chi unlocks superpoweer levitation and healing of any disease

Ancient Willy G Cuchullian Jesus return holy spirit ipod and bling disc prophecy of akhenaten and nefirtit from first ancient egypt time travel holiday goers

cause global utopia age of peace for thousands of years is the main mission of the freestate jedi army

also rap in tongues with apolstles and deciples of christ in zero ad draw mural

create prohecies and try soma and dmt tree burning bush

do miracles and rescue jesus and akhenaten and get them to ireland in their times

do funny mandela effects

sell astral otherworld houses to venutian serpent kings

visit super earth tiamat from the cosmic secret tape by david wilcock where giant aliens have type 3 civilization through time travel backroads

dinosaur times get amber wax dna to clone in jurrasic park islands off coast of hybrazil arctic sea of astral minecraft world

all secrets revealed by akashic records life is a simulation explained too

tupac amuru glyph of rosie as a chain psychic reading autograph says ” you better get that lil dog of yours rosie chipped before i snatch her and wear her as an akhenaten sun disc medallion chain lad haha ” by tupac amuru of south american history talking on phone call prank call function to tupac amuru shakur 1996 makaveli returns yesterday through ipod tecnology of freestate go to dinosoaur times and take pictures this mp3 player take pictures and records video with akashic tablet tech

legalise all drugs and change monetary system to pay customers for going to the shop and cinema bowling alley pub dispensary

everyone is supposed to be payed to recieve goods and services by the shops and establishments payed by the banks by the federal reserve and world banks who create money out of thin air taught by zietgiest documentary stable on ipod through jedi technology

free gifts to cause world peace party for 1000 years in 2021 onwards even 2011 when christ returned in isreal ufo footage below and all trailers and sound bytes sms video messages option

footage of chirsts possible return feb 28 2011 dome of the rock isreal on ipod

augmented reality like hololense with pokemon go alien games

invisible light setting apparition light setting certain person light or everyone in city see setting on this light

Bonus extras!! mario and crash bandicoot games mp3 player double as ps1 2 3 nintendo and take videocall picture and sms also angels and demons pokemon you can create any being and others can see like ai boyfriend girlfriend protector tyler dinosaur unicorn stables stable and cages for dinosaurs draw in till real and alive technique tutorial too on it.

Donations are appreicated, give email and name, wesbite optional and thanks, fan mail prayers or orders for merchendise or donations below

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