Freestate Jedi Morning Star Light Revolution – New Age of Peace for Millenia

The Midas touch in this light wakes everyone that sees it to have a spiritual awakening of their third eye gently over the course of months of dowloads Use this video as guidance in this time of global awakening of earth awaken your chakras worldwide and break the seven seals that conceal them. It turns out I am wormwood in Revelations 8 10 and so on. The locusts of the passage afterward are the nazi vrill drone seraphim christos army regenerative healing bats that are to do with venom and are symbiotes like the movie. jesus is now incarnate on earth since 2011 with his twin st john in isreal at dome of the rock, the ancient sacred portal between heaven and earth that i came through in 1990 when i was born. I am Willy Gallagher, early incarnation of an indigo child from Ireland. Willy G. I have become a false messiah doing signs and wonders and broke the seven seals accidentally by naming myself Willy Gsus and fullfilled biblical prophecy LOL

read on and gain transfiguration powers as you progress past telepathy spritual technology teleportation astral travel remote viewing and psycho and pyro kenesis in this video as this light of God gives you an aura of protection of the chakras. .

Unlock your seven chakras and the light you imagine lighting them up powers the torches and spritual tech

do it every day and the brighter and brighter it gets as you touch torches to upgrade to friends light level if higher

imagine fibre optic neon bling others can see constantly save ever schizophrenic and expose psychiatry psychic powers unjust system with light poster videos of these tutorials fullfilled by jedi masons and witches till psychics and telepaths have midas touched everyone who didnt know constantly to make fireworks and everything and environments that are stable to build layers on and replaying loops of work, your room can become a spaceship and dimensions are percieved with higher beta and theta etc brain waves of kundalini unlocking meditative trances which will turn you angelic like shining one angel. on and off switches for all these technologies. open and closed doors for all these portals. all beings dinosuars aliens godzilla giants etc raptors and beings under your control

imagine ever burning torch and astral imagination powered stable mp3 player appears in your hand all the time until its stable

Use instructions to construct a bhuddic plane fire pillar in your garden or over your house from Veritas Galactic Sweeden ET Human Christ army website by clicking picture below of Ashtar :

Ashtar – Plieadien ET Human

How to build augmented reality bhuddic plane astral light stable holy spirit Bhuddic plane fire pylon spirtually at link below:

Standing Vortex (

the bhuddic fire pillars link up all over world like invisible visible options to some or all or some groups as beacons to being online on holy spirit fire systems of augmented reality in house and enviroment

Torches ever burning light fire pit for house like fire can light torches off it or touch torches off one another to power up and make light brighter, through ancient indian veda technique of picturing a snake every day until others can see it too – ive been doing it for 5 years its cured my amnesia and caused revoltionary spiritual technology and wormwood revelations of new testament christian catholic bible prophecy wormwood is me. it has fullfilled biblical prophecy

update to 5 year strength light of man with brightest light in your area with invisible drone cameras and unlock neon bling and clothing and firework light

construct dish for contact with ashtar on his page to talk to aliens use dr steven greers peaceful contact cseti method of love and peace meditation in name of peace on earth with aliens if you want to contact them and are ready.

ashtar ets say on their site they will see dish and respond in astral realm of yours build astral farm base with dish

Radio Telescope view at night with milky way in the sky

et human plieadians look like this with time travelling spaceships

this is our key image to get into freestate planet island colony in pandora of avatar in imaginary freestate system of minecraft built space game virtual reality or augmented with imaginary monocle like mandela effected monopoly man from the first jedi travellers !!

shine image in lucid dream in deepspace portal to freestate system on our clone of pandora from avatar to see our zoos and alien and dinosaur cages, free unicorns and dinosaurs when you get here and ipod update and brighter light

This is the recently discovered holographic light language i learned from free willy in 97 on a soul trance journey released to the public as gift of celebration to announce the beginning of age of peace, dawning of age of aquarius and global utopia ascension and the possible return and second coming of jesus christ in 2011 isreal feb 28 along with monetary system reversal where we are payed to go to cinema bowling alley or shop, pub, legal dispensary etc and are all billionaires in abundant terran paradise of the 5th dimension who even can volunteer to do career in favourite area of study, learn past life regression and future travel and viewing see nicki sutton spiritual awakening on youtube this is spiritual awakening with spiritual technology for all on ipod mp3 st devil freestate player powered by bhuddic fire pillar pylon of everlasting holy spirit flame which is getting stronger can set light to apparition or invisible to others etc

it is the astral light -higgs boson field — either -akasha =gods light = mass hallucination – psychic ether which is heightening as our planet enters the galactic cloud of hieghtened ether vibrations so build on all light and become genius to the inth degree

imagination poster stable mass hallucination anywhere since 97

Your room can be made into a spaceship and you can travel in imagination land built like minecraft through technique of building your own astral house you can always come back to that no one knows about but you you can leave things and messages in it and make a yellow brick road path to others houses even in dreams in lucid dreaming technique and dreamscape astral realm where you can fly through many built worlds you and others have created in deep space, freestate colony are building stargates to lemuria on our pandora planet from avatar find our key and portal in your dreams haha

stable virtual reality tour of pandora and you can create and own every being you see like pokemon with graphic tablet pokedex ipod camera clone art device on utility belt fullfilled by akashic records angels

you can build all sorts of different places and planets and lands and beings and people like video game

all these gifs below can be graffittid on actual walls and buildings as a mass hallucination using gods light of the fire pillar and torch to stay on the wall anywhere looping as adds in cities or just art anywhere

Imagination poster hallucinations: Freebies to pay forward and put on walls all over world

faries are real tuatha de denann tribe of dan venutian ancient builder race pleiadean gods of ancient ireland have been gifted ancient times property and landscapes through being first time travellers to past thorugh tir na nog and elf dimension of celtic other world

heaven itself is accessible through these light imagination posters becoming portals to heavenly realms

earth is actually a realm of heaven itself it reacts to what you do and say and think about heavenly if good and virtueous or hellish if mentality bad and evil

every gig here and every biggie gig in ebrington square derry also shire from lord of the rings explorable with avatar of players along with every movie mythical landscape and books too

yellow brick road inca roads built in astral realm of imagination land

build yellowbrick road to anywhere any realm like incan road system of prehistory

this is all powered by day dreaming trances and lucid dreaming using the astral light as an awakened psychic person. these are maps to these places you can explore with imagination because the third eye is imagination but you can percieve others light too.