The Third Eye Conspiracy(Update)


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I’ve updated The Third Eye Conspiracy with Chapter 4, and rewritten chapter 3 too. You can find the free PDF By Clicking This Link. Here is an except from Chapter 4:

“I see the earth as a conscious being, and each one of us an intricately
linked part of her, like blood cells in a person, we all inter-connect more
than we can imagine with each other, and nature too. From the bees to the
dolphins, deer, tigers to people, trees and flowers and the chemicals in the
air along with the electro-magnetic fields and radio waves we cant see, we
are all connected and we would die without each other. We are not
individuals, we are one being, which is called Gaia, or Mother Earth.”

I’ve also updated the research section of the site with some videos and links including stuff about MK-Ultra (A mind control operation I touch on in the book), Psychedelica, Schizophrenia, and the Sacred Secretion Jim Carey has spoken about. Check it out below:

Third Eye Research – Page 5 (Update)

Happy researching,


-Scribbling Willy

Puffin’ B- Willy G (Termite Mix)

I sent Termite some vocals and he just cooked this ill mix up with some of his signature sickness!!

For all my heads out there puffin’ B. Tune into the pirate 5G signal broadcasting live every Tuesday night with Termites Know What I Mean show, keep an eye out and I’ll post links up here when the time comes.

Whos Killing it? August 19

Who am I listening to at the moment? Theres a lot of good shit out there right now, from MGK to Ocean Wisdom. Ive been bumping all this shit recently when Im not watching Alien shit on Youtube lol.

I really like this song by MGK – Hollywood Whore. I can relate, too many backstabbers in life trying to play you. Its so dope, well produced audio and video wise, its official this is a lethal song.

On the other end of things is Eminem and Conway the Machine. A sick serial killer type beat lol, Conway goes hard! Then Eminem kills it while bragging about going with Nicki Minaj, he is a lucky man!

And if all that wasnt enough, it seems theyve released Eminems Battle Rap movie on Youtube for free! Bodied is a young white nerds story of his battle rap career, very entertaining! It just goes to show, us MCs are all fucked up but thats just who we are, who gives a fuck, embrace it lol.

Other notable shit in rap is the battle between Tom MacDonald and Mac Lethal who got whos ass handed to who? Ill let you be the judge lol.

Mad Squablz is an ill MC I follow, and his new tune Remember My Name just dropped. Kxng Crooked is soldiering on through his Hip Hop Weekly series too, hes at Week 30 now! This guy Jellyroll is keeping it real with his new tune Same Asshole which blew my mind this week. Hopsins I Dont Want it tune has him stepping away from the spotlight. YBN Cordae is also killing it with his new shit, including this tune with Meek Mill called We Gon Make it.

My favourite Emcee I have discovered recently has to be Donnie Arcade, with his Annunaki alien bars. Hes got tunes about The Sumerian God EnkiFluoride Water and The Pineal Gland, even The Archons from the ancient Gnostic Texts! Ill leave you with my favourite song of his, 7 Chakras. That violin!

His Producer 4Bidden Knowledge encodes all his music with healing frequencies such as 432 htz and 528 htz, Ive found it such a pleasure to listen to Im actually going to start encoding my own stuff with these frequencies too!

The Game just dropped This Banger called Westside. Masta Ace is killing it too with his new tune Get Shot and Twista dropped a dope song called Sunshine where hes definitely killing it on that second verse with the flow!! Nas dropped The Lost Tapes 2 and Ocean Wisdom wreaks havoc on 4 AM. Dublins Jambo just dropped Souls on Rent featuring Willa Lee and last of all, Ive personally jumped on another Termite Jam!! Its round 81 at this point haha.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you found some dope music you didnt know about! If you know about any tunes I dont, feel free to comment underneath,


-Willy G


‘Its a Conspiracy’

Im back with the Termite Worldwide Cypher Jam Round 76!!


I thought itd be funny to add subliminal messages and freaky occult shit with the subject matter of the verses, maybe freak you out with it too lol.

Its definitely a strange creation, if your intrigued by the content have a look below at my new Spaced Out Entertainment episode about The Third Eye Conspiracy!