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New Irish Hip Hop Playlist

Willy Gsus Freestate video playlist broadcast through illegal 5g signal pirate station in psychic 5th dimension to pandora

Willy G Mix Playlist of Irish Hip Hop

Freestate Akhenaten Sun Disc Neck Medallion Blessed by reiki light of golden holy spirit healing light of Jedis

New Merch Store Info:

I can do shop runs around donegal and get fans munchies like sweets candy and chocolate also crisps and even rare irish derry books and souvineers four leafed clover necklace celtic forest enchanted jewelery, irish keyring, leprachaun beings, all sorts of irish stuff such as soil and turf autographed books and cds from irish donegal north west hip hop and arts and theatre scene

Message contact list below and ask for Irish Shop Run Munchie pack of Irish sweets for from $20 euro or sterling even dollar any currency crypto either to $50 bag of munchies

Irish turf, soil samples, books, cds, authentic to ireland can be bought by me and posted to you for money

Any Merch link or cd book or dvd can be bought by me in North west ireland area of Donegal and Derry upon request

Just ask for Artists name and Projects Name or any inquiries below:

Willy G-sus

Willy G returns in December 2020, dropping Willy G-sus out of the blue, to bless the microphone with christ like light. Featuring production from CXNR, Termite and St Devil, you wont be disappointed. Click below to hear the new album, and enjoy!