Third Eye Vision Research Update

I’ve been researching my ass off lately and I’ve compiled a list of videos and books I’ve found on the updated page 3 of the Third Eye section of the site which you can find By Clicking This Link. Which will take you to the page. You can find links to all 3 pages I’ve compiled so far on the Home Page of this site, and I update it regularly.

I just found this gem of a video by David Wilcock too who talks about all kinds of out there things such as Telepathy, Astral Projection, Synchronicity and all. Check it out:

I am a paranormal nerd when it comes to these things (lol). I could sit and watch videos about this stuff all day, and I sometimes do! Maybe more than sometimes (haha).

I envision this Third Eye Vision Research Project involving much more people than just me so if you have any ideas, tips, links or questions, feel free to email me via the contact page or leave a comment below. Thanks to all who have done that already, your input is much appreciated!

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-Scribbling Willy

Trippy Mystical Experiences

Around this time of year, a lot of people are having some out there times and experimenting. I can relate, I’ve done a lot of mystical vision questing over the years. Its possible to go there naturally once you open your third eye. Once that happens you open the door to really out there stuff people could misinterpret as psychosis and schizophrenia…

Here’s another one of these interesting videos I’ve found while researching. This woman has had a lot of things happen mentally and mystically that most round here would probably deem ‘crazy’, but having myself been there I can tell you its different than that. I try not to blog about my feelings but seeing videos like this gives me hope that there’s others out there like me, and that there’s hope for some understanding someday.

She talks about a magical heaven experience in the beginning, I’ve had a similar thing happen to me a few years ago where I was blissing out, really happy seeing visions in the air and reading the clouds. I shed a tear it was so beautiful, went for a walk, all was good… then these voices came from the left and right like the waters Moses parted… they closed in gradually, waters made of voices I perceived as the dark ones. It was like someone out there was illuminating it all, showing me the voices closing in, holding them back as long as possible for me to take it all in, so I would remember, because I had been having this mystical experience that was amazing, and I couldn’t stop them.

It all worked out in the end and I was fine, but I’ve always wanted to have that blissful enlightenment state appear again that had lasted that whole day. I feel I had connected with something out there, something very good and powerful. Maybe even God.

I could go on about this stuff for days but most people have no clue about it and don’t want to listen because they just cannot relate, others ridicule it and some even diagnose it, which is very detrimental to your spirituality. If your out there and you’ve had similar experiences, just know, your not alone. Check that video and keep an eye on here because I’ll keep posting this kind of stuff ’till we start a conversation about it all.


-Scribbling Willy


A World Wide Web of Deceit

Ive been following this guy Mark Passio for a good while now. He does a radio show called ‘What on Earth is Happening’ which he has now brought to Youtube. Hes covered topics such as Mind Control, Freemasonry and even the Ancient Alien interference theory of human origins. Im really interested in this kind of stuff so I be listening away to his stuff, and I really enjoy it.

This episode stood out on its own though, its one he did a few months ago in which he exposes a network of dark occultists who run the world, a brotherhood of satanic people. Its mind blowing, thinking this kind of stuff goes on all throughout every society in the world…

Mark Passio tells us of how he was actually involved in satanism earlier in his life, and how he had to leave it when he witnessed the sheer evil of what they were up to.

What do you think? Is there a network of evil people following what they call ‘The Old Religion’ hidden in society ruling us all through ancient psychological methods of mind control? Or are you wary of this stuff, deeming it an outlandish conspiracy theory?

Personally, I dont know. Ive seen a few freaky things in my lifetime that make me think theres more to life than meets the eye so who knows, could be true…

With Youtube banning and demonetizing ‘Conspiracy Theories’ like this, and certain government groups claiming that conspiracies are even threats, I think we should spread this info far and wide before we end up in an Orwellian state of censorship.

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-Scribbling Willy

Living in the Matrix (Buzzsaw)

Heres another really interesting video Ive found while diving down the rabbit hole on Youtube recently. This guy Edward Alexander talks about how we are all distracted from the truth of what reality actually is – an illusion. This guy is like a 90th degree Mason of the Mithraim rite (whatever that is!). If its a secret society this guy is in the super secret echelons of it. He tells of how his family have been in the rite for generations, how he was chased from his home country for speaking out, and he gets into some really freaky metaphysical stuff about invisible (to us) entities ruling us all!

Another real oddity of a video! This ties into my third eye stuff, how some say theres another realm beyond this one thats woven into it like a different dimension. They say its everywhere, even in this very room like the matrix! Incredibly, some people deemed Schizophrenic are actually said to be perceiving this other realm! And psychics too. Everyone can do it, providing your pineal gland isnt yet calcified from the fluoride in the water. They say…

It sounds mad, but why? Because we were taught to ridicule these things in school? What if what you were taught was simply imagination was actually much more than that. What if it was the key to clairvoyant vision? I must go in case I get sectioned here lol….

Definitely worth a watch anyway.



Dr Richard Alan Miller (Leak Project)

I found a cool video the other day while surfing Youtube to do with all sorts of crazy stuff like ETs, Pk and ESP powers (including levitation and psychokinesis) , different planes of existence, Clairvoyance and hypnotism inducing states of meditation based visionary experience, and to top it all off, this guy who is a functioning savant, is rocking a Masonic hat!

A real oddity of a video, but incredibly interesting too!

This ties in with my 3rd eye visions research project, it seems like some people can believe this stuff and not have to worry about being hospitalized by psychiatrists. Why is that? Well, why indeed!

The Leak Project is an epic channel on Youtube that have the most out there guests talking about mind blowing stuff that you cant really bring up in normal conversation. If your into this kind of metaphysical stuff its worth the watch!

Im curious to see what people think of this stuff out there, leave a comment with your thoughts.

Psychiatry: The Fraud

I couldn’t have said it better myself. This video was posted on Youtube 13 years ago, in 2006. This shit is still going on in the world though. Since then, a lot has changed. Groups like The Hearing Voices Movement are campaigning for patients rights and changing how we view the phenomenon of mental illness, causing a paradigm shift in the field.

Listen to what this man says very closely, because he is making complete sense in an articulate way and stating facts. As a mental patient I can vouch for the truth of it all. But is he being listened to? Evidently not by Psychiatry, who are still going around peddling their drugs which make you sicker. Its not a legitimate medical field, some would even call it pseudo-science.

Being taken from your home and locked up in a secure hospital and forced to take pills and injections is a violation of a persons rights, no matter how ‘out of the norm’ they are acting. The Nazi analogy in the video is fitting. Yet people stand back and let this happen! Awareness needs to be raised about this stuff because when people begin to understand what is going on here, there will (hopefully) be a big change.

The more I look into Psychiatry, the more shocked and appalled I become.