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I am an emcee from Donegal , Ireland

The Real Story of Ireland

Did Irish Druids really influence Ancient Egyptian culture? Do the very origins of civilization lie in Ireland? Michael Tsarion thinks so. Ive been following his podcasts and interviews for a while now and I find his work really interesting.

He talks about a civilization who lived on a sunken group of islands off the North-West coast of Ireland before a great cataclysm wiped them out. A few survived, they were the Celtic Druids who then traveled the world to spread their knowledge and wisdom of Mathematics, Astrology, Medicine and more, which humanity had no knowledge of since the cataclysm.

Its an incredibly interesting story. It changes how you look at the world around you too when you think of the ancient wisdom that was practiced on this island in the past and the great forgotten history of the mysterious Druids who build the enigmatic structures such as burial mounds and Neolithic standing stones all over the countryside.

Heres his most recent interview on the Resolving Reality Youtube Channel if you think its as interesting a topic as I do.


Heres his website too



Its been a disaster of a week! Its the drink…

The drink is a right bastard!! Ive ballsed up bigtime this week. A lot of things contributed to it. Feeling sorry for myself, fed up with the diet, trying to fix my sleep pattern and quitting the fags all played a part. Heres the calorie breakdown.

Sunday – 2050 Cal

Then I stayed up from Monday to Tuesday…

Monday & Tuesday – 3650 Cal

Wednesday – 2300 Cal

I started drinking Thursday and stopped taking notes…

Thursday – 3500-4000 Cal (Estimate)

Friday – 4000 Cal (Estimate)

Saturday – 3500-4000 Cal (Estimate)

Sunday – 1400 Cal so far.

As you can see, Thursday is when things started going tits up. I had a drink Tuesday night and smoked a couple fags, then by Thursday I was craving a smoke so bad that I started drinking! I honestly thought ‘Fuck this’ when it came to the diet and kept drinking every day until Saturday. I was feeling bored shitless here on my own and sorry for myself too. The main thing I was trying to do was fix my sleep pattern so I wasnt sleeping all day. There are better ways to do it, but this was the most fun one!

It worked, my sleep pattern is fixed now but it came at a cost. I weigh 19 St 12 again, same as I did at the start of the damn year!! Ive basically reversed all my progress of a month in 3 days… It sucks and it just shows why theres an obesity crisis. You can work hard for weeks to lose some weight and end up putting it all back on in 3 short days of eating crap and drinking.

Fuck ups will happen though so Im not beating myself up. I look like a tit too but Im posting this up so that when I do lose this weight, this week will serve as a reminder that fuck ups are ok as long as you get back at it again. It would be really bad to have a fuck up like this happen, then revert back to old ways because of it and end up weighing more than you did in the first place, and having to start over again.

Im not letting it stop me! Ive got it out of my system now anyway so I am back at the diet as of today. I will lose this weight one way or another!!

Willy G Drunken Vlog

Ive been debating releasing this because I look like a drunken tit but sure why not lol


This is just a glimpse of a day in the life of me, Willy G. I would like to do more of these vlogs and get some of your thoughts on them for something to do because I do be bored as fuck up here in the hills! lol

Week 4 -1 Month of #Getfitordietryin

January is nearly over!! Ive been reviewing my progress, focusing that cold, objective hustlers eye on myself and evaluating how Im doing yet again. This week was a bittersweet one, but this whole month has been a steady trail of upward progression towards my goals and Ive accomplished some great things!

My week went as follows. Heres the calories for each day:

Sunday – 1100 Cal.

Monday – 2000 Cal.

Tuesday – 1900 Cal.

Wednesday – 1750 Cal.

Thursday – 2600 Cal.

Friday – 4600 Cal. (Holy Shit!)

Saturday – 2000 Cal.

Sunday – 950 Cal. (So Far)

As you can see, things started off great. Monday and Tuesday I got out on fast paced walks and fasted a bit and by Wednesday I weighed myself and I was down to 19 St. 08! Which was terrific! I was really happy with that.

But Thursday I had a bit of a drink (Some Whiskey and a Beer) and then Friday I had my cheat day along with some more Beer which caused the calorie count to explode higher than ever! Thankfully I got back to a normal way of eating on Saturday. The danger always is that I might just throw in the towel some day and go back to over-eating. So Sunday Im back dieting and I managed to stick at it.

I ended up smoking two damn fags on Friday when I was drunk too, after being off them all week but I managed to fight the cravings and Im back on the E-Cig again since.(Thank fuck).

I weighed myself today and Im back at 19 St 10 again, thats after eating though so it may be inaccurate. If it is right I have un-did my progress this week with my over eating on the cheat day and the drinking but what can ya do. Its a learning process and Im back at the diet again now so Ill just have to aim higher next week.


This whole month has been brilliant for me. Ive stuck to the diet all month without fail, Ive also quit smoking for the first time in years! Words cant express how amazing that is after feeling trapped by a cancerous habit killing yourself for a decade, even just being able to transition to the E-Cig is incredible to me. Its like a weight off the shoulders, a taste of freedom from smoke and feeling a power you never thought you had, its class!

The highlight of the month had to be week 3 of the diet when I was just winning every single day, getting lots of exercise and eating right and the weight just started dropping off. That along with quitting smoking, getting plans together to achieve my goals, a schedule to stick to, getting this site a dot com name and starting to set up my personal gym.

The only low points were not following through on some plans I had like getting out and about more in town and stuff and just the regular depressing aspects of daily life. But I can aim to do things better from now on!

February is going to be epic. Ive got big plans for my weight loss and Ill be writing lots of short stories, designing artwork, building passive income streams along with releasing great music and having fun with it! I feel like these blog posts are helping me out with motivation and Im building momentum with it all too. Its onwards and upwards from here on out!

Week 3 #Getfitordietryin

I’ve been exercising and dieting my ass off now for 3 whole weeks! Its beginning to pay off, I’m starting to shed the pounds. All that fruit and veg and low cal eating is working!

Heres the daily calorie breakdown for the week;

Monday – 2260 Cal

Tuesday – 1800 Cal

Wednesday – 2000 Cal

Thursday – 1800 Cal

Friday – 3780 Cal

Saturday – 2650 Cal

Sunday – 500 Cal so far

I kept my calories around my 2000-2300 limit all week, until I had a wee drink, some biscuits and a cheat fry up again at the weekend. I had a wee drink on Wednesday too but I worked it in.

Tuesday and Thursday I fasted for 8 to 10 hours, thats how I kept the calories so low. I just wasnt hungry, and to anyone who says fasting is bad for you, whats worse I ask? Fasting like that a couple days a week or eating over 4000 calories every day? Im just glad to be eating less and feeling better now.

Friday was the highest cal day and it just serves as a reminder of what I ate every day on my old diet of crap. Im telling you, once you start drinking, all willpower goes out the window and your eating biscuits, chocolate, sweets, fried foods and whatnot.

For exercise Ive just walked at a fast pace every day I could and played Basketball and Footie with myself against a wall for half an hour each day too. The aim is to just get half an hour of heart pounding, chest wheezing exercise in per day. And it feels natural, it feels good.

I quit smoking on Saturday evening. I had a fag to wake myself up this morning too but other than that, its incredible! Food, tea and coffee tastes so much better now! Walking outside, I can actually smell the dew, and the trees and everything in the air! The nicotine stains on my teeth and fingers will begin to fade now too. No more poisonous chemicals like Lead and Cyanide from the Tobacco and no more rotten smoke, a nice sweet Strawberry scent instead!

I stepped on the scales there mid-week and they read 19st 10! I weighed myself today too and after the cheat day and all Im still 19st 10!! Thats 3 pounds Ive managed to lose this week and Im pretty happy with that. I think going for a fast paced walk after a 10 hour fast on Tuesday really kick started the weight loss and it just continued from there! I know now that all I have to do is replicate this week again and again. 3 Pounds is just the beginning. I will continue to win every day, week month and year from here on out!



I have been toying around with some fiction writing recently, getting to grips with the software and creating PDFs in hopes of releasing a series of E Books on here full of short stories, some novels, album accompanying stuff and more.


This is the first test to see if it actually works, follow the link below to my first PDF E Book sample that you can view on your tablet, phone or browser , all going well, to get an idea of my plans for Spaced Out Fiction!!


Click this link here –>  Spaced-Out Fiction