Who’s Killing It?

Whats in my playlist right now? I just got on Spotify, you should try it out (its free) and it has all the music on there you can think of. I highly recommend it! I’ve been bumping Horse Shoe Gangs new shit Dope Lyrics Matter, Eminem’s new album Revival, and Kxng Crookeds sequel to his last shit Good Vs Evil II.

Horse Shoe Gang are back with some killer shit! They’ve dropped a remix of Eminems Till I Collapse tune on You Tube, and also dropped a single off Dope Lyrics Matter called Ain’t No Excuses.

The Album itself is pretty fuckin decent, the intro had me thinkin they went trap! Youll know when you hear it. Its currently on Spotify and thats where I heard it the day it dropped. The album is broken up into 3 chapters. The Radio Chapter, the Mixtape Chapter and the Real Talk Chapter. Its definitely worth a listen if you enjoy lyricism and ill doubletime flows.

Im a big Eminem fan since I was a kid, so I had to check out Revival. It was disappointing at first, but the more I listened , the more it grew on me. I have to say now its also pretty decent indeed. I even played it in the car and it had my mum laughin, she really enjoyed it too. My favourite songs are probably Believe, In your Head, Offended and Framed.

Finally, Kxng Crookeds second installment of Good Vs Evil, GVS II: The Red Empire is pure fire, as you can always expect from this west coast legend. I have been too pre-occupied with recording and mixing my new Overcome project to get a proper listen to this one, only had one listen but it sounded pretty dope to me!

Willy Motherfuckin G (Mixed!)

Here it is, day two of this mixing process and Ive managed to get it (Half) Mixed!


Its not bad I dont think! I just followed a You Tube tutorial I found as far as the levels go, I just replicated his doings without much variation. I EQed and Compressed the verse vocals, add libs, and hooks layer one and two. I added a bit of reverb to the wee intro too. The vocals do sound a lot clearer and crisper and way more studio quality.

The only thing wrong with this is that I think the limiter on the master channel has done something to the instrumental and I dont know what it is to fix it. It could be over-compression or some shit.


Rap Vocal Mixing Tutorials

Its day two, and Im up bright and early to get at this mixing. I started with no clue what any effects do at all. Now I have some idea of what I should be aiming for. Ive searched through a lot of You Tube Tutorials and the best Ive found for beginners is this guys videos on his channel.


Its really good, I understand now what exactly your supposed to be aiming for with EQ. He has another video on compression too which is also informative. But he has not mixed any vocals, hopefully with this knowledge I can understand what people on other tutorials are at more easily .

I am mixing the vocals each seperately, the intro, the verses, add libs and hook layers one and two all mixed seperately. FL Studio has all the tools necessary so I am just studying what to do before I get back at it.


Willy Motherfuckin G – Mixing

I’m going to document my progress at this mixing craic here. So here’s the unmixed tune first of all, just a limiter on the master track.


I sacked Ableton 9 Live Lite, it had hardly any plug ins at all. No limiter, No proper EQ, no Gate or whatever the fuck. I loaded up an old version 11 of FL Studio from my old laptop and it seems to have a lot more plug ins, so I am going to get mixing now. There was a limiter already on the master channel when I loaded the instrumental and the vocals in, so it stopped it clipping.

I recorded these vocals in Ableton, then I bounced the stems out one at a time, but also bounced them all out together as well. I just decided to use the all together one to make this rough version. Im not sure my cpu could handle putting effects on all the stems, hopefully it can but we will see soon as I intend to mix the verses, add libs, hook layers and intro all separately for the finished product.

I know the vocals in this rough unmixed version sound raw as fuck, but I’m just sticking it up to document progress so you can see the difference in a mixed vocal and a raw one.

I’m using a Rode nt1-A Microphone hooked up to a Scarlett 2i2 usb recording interface. Ive got a kind of small padded guard that goes around the mic, that acts as soundproofing and a pop shield. Im using Abelton 9 Live Lite and FL Studio 11 Producer Edition.

I will post the Accapella on Sound Cloud for free download too for anyone who wants to remix this shit.


Mixing Hip Hop Vocals

Right, I’ve laid the vocals for a new song, just to practice mixing and recording, flow and delivery before I start on this mixtape. Its a remix of Eminems ‘My Name Is’ called Willy Motherfuckin G. I’m gonna release it soon, as soon as I get it mixed.

This is my first attempt at actually mixing a song, and I have to say, it is confusing as fuck. First of all, I have no idea how to stop the Mp3 instrumental of ‘My Name Is’ from clipping in the master channel without turning it way down. I have asked a few friends to find out what the fuck Im at. I know you need a limiter to stop the master track clipping, but Im using Ableton Live Lite that came with my Scarlett 2i2 recording interface, and it doesnt seem to even have a limiter! Im going to search for some plug ins now and see what I can do.

Second, the vocals are full of pops and shit ( no thanks to my piece of shite pop shield), I have to figure out how to get rid of them. I am not sure about EQ and Compression, Im watching away at tutorials and they are all so confusing. The problem is that I only have Ableton Live Lite, and everyone in the tutorials use an effect called EQ 8, which I dont have. I only have a Red EQ thing and EQ 3. Even if I could get it working, I dont know what the knobs do!

Its so fuckin confusing. The compressor, I also have no clue what it does and every bit of instructions I read online has even more confusing terminology that I know nothing about. I know you can turn up the vocals with it, thats about it.

There is reverb too, that I know has to be on it. I can’t seem to tell the difference in a vocal thats mixed well, compared to one mixed badly either. They sound slightly different but not better or worse to me. Maybe I have to stick at it and train my ears. I don’t know what kind of sound I’m aiming for at all, so I don’t know how to get there.

At this rate, this Mixtape wont be out for another year! If anyone out there has any pointers at all, please feel free to contact me on here via the contact page, or even on Facebook because I am in the dark as far as mixing goes. Any pointers, tips or suggestions would be much appreciated, along with any ideas of what good free plug ins are available out there.

You can also drop a comment below under this article.

Production has begun!

Production on the Overcome Mixtape has now begun. I’ve been sitting on this shit for months now, I’ve had the rough versions recorded for that long and just haven’t been arsed re-recording the vocals. I just copied out all the lyrics onto my rhyme book from the 7 tracks, and I’m about to fire up the Scarlett 2i2 and jump on the mic and record them all now, with this new laptop.

I’ve watched a few Hip Hop vocal mixing tutorials on You Tube, so I think I have a rough Idea of how to mix this shit. My producer Steve has upgraded his shit but lost all his plug-ins so I’m gonna give him a break and try mixing this all myself, in Ableton 9 Live Lite.

The tracklist is as follows:

1.Living My Life

2.Reach Out

3.A New Future

4.Monsters Part 2

5.The Darkness

6.Nursery Rhymers


All the tracks are produced by Insane Beatz, off a free beats package I got when I signed up to his site last year. The beats are quality, and now that I have them I may as well use them. It’d be madness to sit on this shit any longer, so I am getting it done now. Depending on how long the mixing takes, expect the project to drop for free on Band Camp, You Tube, Sound Cloud etc. within the next two weeks.

I am working on some album artwork too, which I will have ready for when the project drops.

After this project, I’ll be focusing more on local hip hop, with Irish production on the beats. Although that’s my aim, I’ll probably end up still releasing freestyles on popular instrumentals and jacking beats off You Tube too.

I’ve got an album in the works with Steve D called Psychosomatic, a Fresh Eire album entitled Irish Madmen, a project with Belgian Producer Jeroen Putteman, and a few remixes/freestyles coming too.

Ill be at the North West Hip Hop gig next Thursday too so be sure and get your ass down there to hear some of the best MCs in Ireland!

North West Hip Hop, Bennigans.

North West Hip Hop are putting on an event next Thursday, 21st of December in Bennigans, Derry. If your after your fix of Irish Hip Hop for Christmas, look no further.

Manchester based MC Danny Diatribe will Join Portrush Crew the DBMCs along with Belfasts Waking Android to perform alongside The DizzFunktional B.M.C , Shane Deane, Amanda Healy and 5th Ancestor.

It will be an unforgettable night, jam-packed with talent. There will be an open-mic cypher too for any MCs that want to show their skills on the microphone.

Thursday the 21st, get your ass to Bennigans!

Been Gone for a Minute…

I took a break from rap there for a month or two, but a gig coming up in Derry got me back at it again. Its a love hate relationship really. I write day and night , put out tonnes of music and get barely any recognition, and that was part of the reason I quit it for a while. I was trying to stay away from it altogether because the return is just not worth the work. But I cant seem to leave it alone at all.

I was trying to replace hip hop with a different hobby, like Writing or Astronomy. That worked for a while but I just don’t have the same passion for Writing, and Astronomy appeared to be promising but after I watched every space documentary out there and learned most of what its about, it just got boring. Along with that, this gig coming up had friends asking me to go, Eminem dropped his new album, both those things contributed to me writing some 16s for the gig so it looks like Im back at it again.

I have got tonnes of beats and people its on my to do list to work with so expect to hear some new shit soon. This Insane Beatz project will get recorded soon too now that I am equipped with some new hardware. Ive actually recorded some verses to learn off and they are sounding pretty cool. I might release one of them soon.

If you wanna hear some of this stuff, get your ass down to Bennigans in Derry next Thurday for the North West Hip Hop event.


New Freestyles

Ive just dropped a freestyle called ‘Eternal Inferno’.


I was writing it for the Steemit Rap Challenge but it was too long so I decided to put it on this beat Ive had for ages. I wanted to talk about stuff nobody else is, and Im reading a book at the moment full of how the bible is steeped in ancient astrology and all. Depending on the response Ill probably write more stuff like this.

I also dropped Week 3 of the Termite MC Challenge today, which is a bit more lighthearted and fun. Its just sick rhymes because I feel like the Termite Challenge gives me the change to say whatever I want and be creative with it.


I really enjoyed creating that, and I hope you enjoy listening. There are more freestyles on the way, with the Steemit Rap Challenge coming by Friday so keep your eyes peeled!


New Rap Competitions!

As you may know, I’ve been entering the Steemit Rap Challenge hosted by Adsactly Records over the past couple of months. It hasn’t been on the past few weeks, but instead, a few other rap competitions have sprung up on Steemit. The prizes are similar, SBD in different amounts. This is the crypto-currency on the site, similar to bitcoin, and can be used on the site, letting you up-vote peoples posts and give them SBD, or can be withdrawn into a bitcoin wallet if you have one, and spent on the Dark Web or Purse dot io or any similar sites.

If your an MC, you can enter these competitions no problem, as long as you set up a free Steemit account. We could use more competitors on there, and if you want to help grow the Steemit Hip Hop community, you are certainly welcome!

The first new competition is the Termite MC Challenge, hosted by Termite Music. He provides a Termite produced beat every week, and you just record a video of yourself rapping on it, and post it in the comments. The video with the most up-votes wins! Its currently in its second week. Check it out at the link below:

Termite MC Challenge Week 2

If you want to get a feel of what kind of style MCs are using, Scroll down to the comments where you will see all the videos, and get a sense of the competition. Or check out my entry for this week here:


Hope you enjoyed that. The next competition is brand new this week, its called ‘Got16s?’ Its hosted by Voyce Atlas and judged by him too. It focuses more on metaphors and clever lines, or the ability to tell a story. Again, once you check it out scroll down and you’ll see the competition entries. Here’s the link below:

Got 16s? Challenge

Its been a busy week for me, releasing different freestyles and entering all these competitions! Heres my Got 16s? Challenge entry:


And if those competitions weren’t enough, the original Adsactly Records Rap Challenge is returning soon. If you want to know more about it, here’s the link:

Adsactly Records Rap Challenge Update

Big things are happening on Steemit, and if you want to join for free and start earning SBD, its as simple as creating an account on there. Ill leave you with my personal blog profile, where you can find all these challenges and a lot of freestyles, songs, albums and blog articles about various things. Thanks for reading. I’ve been Willy G .

Willy G’s Steemit Blog