Restless Ambitions – Bloody Sunday



I used to be a wee introverted teenager, years ago. I was making music in my bedroom with a PS2 Eyetoy Webcam that also captured audio. I think the first songs I ever wrote were called ‘Muzack’ and ‘Ya Fool’. Gangsta shit. The latter was a Ja Rule diss, since I wanted to jump into the beef and support 50 Cent, haha.

I would scribble rhymes for days, write a verse then rewrite the verse, over and over till every word was fire. I made a song called ‘Dope’, with a beat I found on Soundclick. The hook went like ‘Don’t forget to bring your dope’ over and over. I wanted to brainwash my friend Allyn into remembering to bring his lump of hash the next time I was home from my Job in Dublin at an insurance company.

I showed it to the front desk girls, and a few others too. They were really supportive and really enjoyed it. That spurred me on to write my first proper verse. This was a verse about the Bloody Sunday atrocity that happened in Derry back in the day of the Civil Rights movement, where innocent civilian protesters were fired upon by the British Army, and killed.


I had discovered a fellow Irish MC called Mugsy on Soundclick. His song ‘Put Your Fingers Up’ was absolutely bouncing, a very chilled out stoner anthem in my eyes. I linked up with Mugsy soon after that, and we began to work on an album. We recruited two other MCs from Letterkenny called D.C and B-Koz, and formed the group Restless Ambitions. We decided to call our album Smoke Signals, a tribute to the amount of weed we were smoking at the time, haha.


I had the rhymes for the verse, from writing verses over and over. Someone on Facebook from Spain or France I was talking to , oddly suggested I write about the Bloody Sunday atrocity. So I began re writing the rhymes to tell the story. Around then, Mugsy found a beat by a Producer from down south called Celtic Indent. The moment I heard the beat, I knew we had to make the song there and then. It just worked so well.

I had my verse, I had spent like a month on the rhyme schemes and fitting everything together in total, and we decided Mugsy would write a verse and continue the story, which turned into two verses commemorating those who were killed that day. Mugsy wrote the hook and got his sister Katie-Mac to sing it. Absolutely incredible vocals, and it worked so well with the beat.


We hit Wez Devines underground-looking studio in the middle of the country. He had a shed built with soundproofing, even the floor was suspended on some sort of suspensions to lessen the vibrations going through the ground. It looked just like a regular shed from the outside. But within, we were in the booth spitting, while Wez worked his magic and mixed the vocals coming through to the board.

There was another guy there who did some backup vocals on parts of the chorus, but I cant mind his name. He sounded good tho! Before long, the track was complete. We shot a video with heads from a Letterkenny film company in Dunree fort. We dropped the song, the video and the album. It was very well recieved. Im still hearing from MCs who were influenced to rap because of it.

After a while, a fan uploaded the song to his channel on You Tube, and it began to gather views at an incredible rate. I think one of us were looking up Irish Rap on You Tube one day when we came across our song! With 100,000 views! Its been growing ever since, and its just incredible knowing that the song is reaching that many people, and inspiring MCs while telling the tragic story of Bloody Sunday, educating those fans.

So the first verse I wrote turned out to be really popular thanks to Mugsy, Katie Mac, Wez Devine, Celtic Indent, and that random guy that came to the studio with us! Haha. You probably want to hear the song by now, well here’s the Video we shot!


That is the Remix, with a few things changed in the song for Radio. Below is the Original Mix, with all the views. Big-up Jake McCreadie for uploading it to his Channel and getting us all them views ! I’m super grateful.



Rap’s Paying Off!

On Steemit, people can upvote the videos and articles you post which causes you to earn money based on their steem power. You earn SBD or Steem Dollars. Like Bitcoin, this crypto currency is quickly rising in value. Ive been earning SBD from upvotes on my Hip Hop videos, along with winning prize money from various competitions Ive entered.

I just checked there and as of today Im worth over $80 ! I admit its not millions but its good to see Rap finally paying off! All those competition wins and upvotes really pay off over time, and this is the first $80 Ive made in the Rap Game.

In Ireland, theres not much opportunities to earn money off your skills, but Steemit shows that you really can make doe if you just give people a way of paying it to you! Im proud of my earnings and I am sure they will continue to grow the more I rap on there. After a life of barely any recognition for my rhymes, barely any income from Hip Hop, this money really is a good thing and I can now say I have some worth in the game as far as making money goes.

Im super excited for the future of Hip Hop on Steemit, with a thriving Hip Hop community, and plenty of money changing hands its bound to get even better. If your an MC and your not on there already, follow this link to my blog on there and find out how to set up an account, and get making some doe.

Scribbling WIlly G on Steemit


Who’s Killing It?

Eminem just bodied this Chloraseptic Remix with this sick ass verse here. The remix features 2 Chains though which Im not too keen on , and Phresher too but I just brought you the Em verse.


He proves he can go full mental with the flows still, while still switching it up to loads of different flows and cadences. This remix really impressed me. Hope you enjoy it too!

Rap Thoughts

Ive been suffering from the Flu for the past few days. It hasnt been pleasant to say the least. But I think Im getting better now. Ive done nothing but eat painkillers, watch cartoons and sleep.

Ive noticed my new tape hasnt gotten the best response at all. Theres like 10 views on each song, but thats if you add the You Tube and Sound Cloud views together! I seem to have fucked up and lost my fan-base somehow. Its not good.

Im definitely relegating hip hop to a hobby now, theres no point in putting in tonnes of work if its getting like 10 plays really….

I do make music Id want to hear, I dont really try to conform to what an audience expects, maybe thats a bad thing, who knows! If Hip Hops a popularity contest, I dont think Im winning either for whatever reason. But that doesnt bother me.

Ill just keep doing my thing, dropping projects when I feel like it for the ten people that seem to give a shit lol.

I think I just rap because its fun and I enjoy it. But Ive been thinking for a while I might be wasting my way with words on this shit, that I should be writing instead but I dont enjoy that as much to stick at it.

Ill probably keep rapping though as I always do, because I cant seem to stop and walk away at all for some reason.

Mixing The Overcome Mixtape

Ill outline exactly what Im workin with here. Im recording with a Scarlett 2i2 (Pictured Above) but Ive got a Rode NT1-A Microphone. I’m recording into Ableton 9 Live Lite, then bouncing the audio files and putting them into FL Studio 11 Producer Edition, and mixing from there. Then Im bouncing the entire thing as a WAV and then converting it to MP3 in Audacity using the default presets to put on You Tube.

Ive got the levels of the microphone coming in around -12 and then just recording into Ableton. Its the Lite edition so you can only have 7 audio tracks. This means Im recording 3 verses on the same track, one take each. Then the addlibs on the next track, the chorus layer 1 on the next then layer 2 under that. And intros and outros on the next.

I have some segments where I have to record things seperately on ‘The Darkness’, such as the police officer phoning the murder victims husband to give him the news that his wife is dead, and then his reaction too, but I think I can figure out how to split the files and assign different effects to each of them in fruity loops when the time comes.

Once I have the audio recorded, I bounce every track out separately from Ableton in WAV form. The beats I have were from a free package so they are only mp3, I just leave the beat and import it fresh into FL Studio. Then I import all the Audio files and line them up, take out white noise bits wherever necessary, and assign them all individual mixer channels to put effects on them.

I just basically then Put the Fruity Limiter on the 3 verse vocals (Which has a built in Compressor) and follow a this YouTube Tutorial as far as the levels go. After that, I apply the Fruity EQ 2 and just use the preset for voice. I was applying a high pass filter and fuitiring about with the levels but this appears to sound good too. Ive seen it in another tutorial, but probably should be fuitiring about more instead. I dont really know what kind of sound Im aiming for though.

After I put the Compressor and the EQ on , thats basically it, I do the same thing to the add libs, but turn them down and add a wee tiny bit of reverb. Then I mix the 2 chorus layers on the same effects channel, applying the same EQ and Compressor and a wee bit of reverb. I dont know how to use chorus yet, but with 2 layers it sounds chorusy already.

Then thats it, except there is a limiter on the master channel thats automatically there when you open it, I dont really know or understand what levels its set at yet but it stops stuff from clipping.  I am basically a noob novice so any advice is more than welcome!

Anything I am doing wrong or should change, do differently or anything Im not doing that I should be.

Here’s the first Single off the Mixtape I mixed yesterday with this process and Ive just been repeating it on the 2 Ive recorded today. I notice when I re route the sound through the scarlett 2i2 into the headphones that its different than through the windows laptop audio jack, but Im not sure if its better or not.