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I am an emcee from Donegal , Ireland

Ultimate Instrumentals



If you are an MC, like me, you are probably searching the internet high and low for beats to rap on, maybe you have a few pound spare to buy some but your not finding the right sound, you want something thatll help you stand out from the crowd. Those trap beats on You Tube just arent your thing, boom bap is cool but too many people do it. Your looking for something different, original and unique.

If so , youve got to check out Ultimate Instrumentals. My good mate Steve D has been making beats for years now, and Ive had the pleasure of rapping on them numerous times. Ive made some really good songs that Im very proud of with his beats, and if you want to do the same, this is your opportunity! He has started the Ultimate Instrumentals website to give any Mcs/Rappers,singers, anyone looking for a good beat to rock on, a chance to do so.

The beats are really cool, only the best of what Steve has made so far, and at a good price too. If you want to check them out , heres the link below:

Ultimate Instrumentals

The Streets Talkin’ EP is Out Now!

I had a blast writing this, and previewing it at many open mic nights in Derry, Let’s Party was a crowd favourite, sparking uproars of applause and cheers every time I performed it. Its definitely a favourite of mine too, the party rhymes are good fun to write, rap and listen to.

I was working on this EP for the past year, just randomly recording tunes to any beats I was feeling enough to write something to. I must have written like 20 songs but Steve and I chose the best 6 to release, because its quality not quantity that we are aiming for.

Walking Home was a very personal one about a past relationship that ended to soon, and just me remembering how it made me feel, and letting her know I am grateful for the time we spent together. I revisited this theme on Waves too, because when I heard the Mr.Probz song the producer remixed, it reminded me of exactly how I felt at that time, pure lost just drifting, I know a lot of people out there can relate to it.

Chillin came after Lets Party, I was so happy with how the chorus sounded on Lets Party that I wanted to sing another one, and keep the party spirit alive with it. I tired some different kinds of rhymes I wasnt sure would work or not like ‘Reach to the sky like growing plants’ and a couple of other lines in there that are different to the usual style. Im happy how it turned out though.

Spit Shine is me getting lyrical, I wrote it the same way I wrote Nursery Rhymers off my upcoming WillyGxInsaneBeatz project, I ‘Stacked Ammo’ as Eminem has described it. This is basically just concentrating on what rhymes best, writing out lists upon lists of rhymes and trying to get the dopest possible rhyme schemes down before piecing them together in the verses. I think it works well to give a lyrically iller finished product than , say, just writing a verse on its own.

You Can Hate Me is me getting aggressive. I was sick of hearing shots fired in Irish Mcs songs and wondering if they were about me or not, I could never fully tell. Like if your going to diss me just say my name, enough of this subliminal shit. So it pissed me off so much that I vented with this tune. I cant say any names because they may not even have been dissing me so I would look like a fool. So I decided to just diss everyone that talks shit about me, a kind of warning not to be such a prick if you are talking shit about me, since I will end your career when I find out , haha.

I had to release this material because otherwise, whats the point in writing it? Now I have my InsaneBeatz project on the way too which is even better than this. It is my best work to date, touching on everything from Drug addiction to politics, The Irish Scene, Murder and the mental health system. It will be released sometime before christmas. Then Im taking a step back from using american beats to focus on the homegrown talent right here in Ireland, so expect to hear me on a lot of local beats in the new year!

Thanks for reading and showing support, I really appreciate it to the fullest! Respect.

Willy G


Steemit Rap Challenge


The website Steemit is good for making money, since I started I have made like 3 dollars. Its not much but its more than Ive ever made on You Tube or Band Camp in all my years of rapping. Ive never tried to make money, but this Steemit site is making me want to make more, hopefully its the start of something good.

There is a rap challenge on there for MCs to enter. The judges (Adsactly Records) provide a selection of beats to choose from each week and rappers record their freestyles and enter it, with the chance of winning Steem Dollars, which is the currency used on the site. Its a good way to keep your skills sharp and reach the Steemit audience, while making some money.

I have been entering for the past few weeks and i am gradually climbing the ranks. I think I am getting better with each week and while I thought I was one of the best, I scored low to start with and it was really sobering. I know Im not a rap master, but I also know that I have the potential to be.

I hope to rank in the top 5 this week with this verse Ive written, I put a good bit of time into it and Im very proud of it. The only thing that stands in my way is the accent. Its an american based competition. But I have provided lyrics with it hoping that helps. I am determined to out rap myself every following week until I win, You can follow my progress Here On Steemit.

And get this weeks verse in Studio Quality for free download on my Sound Cloud below :


Willy G Bio

Willy G is a Hip Hop Artist from Donegal, Ireland. He started writing rhymes at the age of 12 and has been at it ever since, you could say he is addicted to it.

At 12, it was Will Smiths song ‘Men in Black’ that got him into writing, as he copied every lyric down in a notepad to rap along with.

He got more serious about it when his uncle bought him Eminem’s ‘The Marshall Mathers LP’ and he was blown away by the content and rhyme scheme complexity of it.

He released various songs recorded on a cheap microphone that he screamed into during his early teens, but over the years he bought new equipment and lowered his voice so the quality improved.

Around 18 years of age, he formed a group called Restless Ambitions with fellow MCs Mugsy, B-Koz and D.C., but around the time Gerard i2 ( A well known MC and producer from Strabane, Northen Ireland) joined the group, Willy was diagnosed with drug-induced psychosis and so split from the group and began a decade long struggle with Mental illness.

Willy was in and out of hospital for years, between times he formed a new group called Fresh Eire with MC/Producer Steve D. Through all this time, willy kept writing and releasing songs online, eventually recording 2 EPs with Steve D and an EP of his own too.

After a long battle with what was eventually diagnosed as Schizophrenia, Willy has got the treatment sorted, with intra-muscular injections and tablets keeping the symptoms at bay, he has managed to stay out of hospital for the past few years.

With this in mind, he is ready to make his mark in the rap game, and make up for lost time. With a new EP called ‘Streets Talkin’ on the way soon, followed by a new Fresh Eire album, ‘Irish Madmen’, Willy is back on top of things, determined to make good music for people to enjoy.

Streets Talkin and Irish Madmen will be followed by a free mixtape with producer ”Insane Beatz’,  and then Fresh Eire are releasing a Rock EP. With many more Remixes and Freestyles in the works, along with numerous projects, this will be an exciting year for Willy G fans!

Fresh Eire is pumping out great music!

Fresh Eire is comprised of Willy G and Steve D, hailing from the North West of Ireland (Derry/Donegal) they are a Hip Hop Duo that have been making music for years now.

Willy is the MC , Steves the Producer, but he can rhyme too, as well as singing the hooks.

This week, Steve has made a tonne of beats, and released a few remixes of popular artists songs too. These remixes are bouncing, you can hear what B.O.B would sound like spitting on a Fresh Eire production below!

Along with a B.O.B remix, Steve has put out a remix of Akon’s Beautiful which works really well, you wont find a rock/dance vibe mixed with R & B anywhere else! Check it out below!

Along with those two cracker tunes, Steve has Remixed Rihanna’s tune Diamonds too! I personally think it sounds even better than the origional! Youll appreciate it most on big speakers, check it out below!

If you enjoyed these remixes, you can find tonnes of Steve’s beats on Beat Stars , where you can purchase them to use in your own songs and give your lyrics some power behind them! I personally vouch for this lad, his beats are top notch quality, they’ve got an unrivalled originality and just sound epic! So check them out Here on Beat Stars.

Fresh Eire are working on their Debut Album ‘Irish Madmen’ which is currently in production, and will feature such hits as ‘Fat Fuck’ and ‘Fists in the Air’ along with ‘Murder Mystery Part 2’ to name but a few. Check out the Album artwork below, and thanks for taking the time out to show support!


New Releases: ‘I’m the One Remix, Ballistica, Walkin’ Home’

There is some new Willy G music out now! I have been a busy man! I’ve got the DJ Khaled ‘I’m the One’ Remix fully mixed and mastered by Steve D, and have released it on soundcloud, listen below!

I was just sick of hearing that overplayed Justin Beiber shite on the music channels, so i decided to fire some shots at him and his fans, while singing a better melody over the beat too. I mixed in some multi-syllables and humour as well to keep it interesting. There is a video coming soon for this Remix, Steve D and I will be shooting this weekend.

Along with ‘I’m the One’, I have written a new song called Ballistica and put together a wee video for it, check it out below.

Ballistica was written when a branch of NSC (No Copyright Sounds) dropped a comment on one of my Steemit Rap Challenge videos, suggesting I look through their music and use some of it for my page, as it would improve my videos. They were right! I am really happy with this Ballistica Video and Song, its one of my favourites yet!

I’ve also released a video for my new song ‘Walkin’ Home’ off the ‘Streets Talkin’ EP which is dropping this friday. Its an emotional song about a girl I used to go out with, just talking about how much it meant to me to have spent that time with her, and how much it hurt when we split up. Check out the video, put together by Steve D, below.

With all this music coming out this week, you guys are surely delighted and excited for the Streets Talkin’ EP dropping this friday! Featuring the underground hit Let’s Party that has been well received at many open mic nights, youz will finally have it to download on Sound Cloud. And Chillin’ is another good party song, to get the party started with! I’ve got another personal tune about my past relationships with Waves, and I go all out on some lyrical shit on Spit Shine. To top it off I give a big ‘fuck you’ to all the haters on You Can Hate Me. Keep your eyes peeled.

…Oh and I almost forgot, Steve D has done a lyric video for the new Fresh Eire single ‘My Bannana!’ Check it out below, and thanks for taking the time out to show support!!

Streets Talkin EP


The Streets Talkin Mixtape has been turned into an EP now, some songs just didnt make the cut so were bringing you nothing but the best of it!

Willy G – Streets Talkin EP

1.Walkin Home – Prod. Outspoken
2.Chillin – Prod. Jordan Beats
3.Waves – Prod. Joey Hamahona
4.Lets Party – Prod. Mix LA
5.Spit Shine – Prod. Karaoke Pop Hits
6.You Can Hate Me – Prod. Dr.Dre

It will be available on You Tube next friday! Till then, enjoy the lead single ‘Walkin Home’ above.

Willy G – Streets Talkin Mixtape

streets talkin mixtape cover4

Willy G will be releasing his new Mixtape ‘Streets Talkin’ soon, and it will be available on Sound Cloud for free download, as well as on Band Camp and You Tube. It is an amalgamation of the songs he has been recording over the past two years, and features numerous youtube producers and some famous beats too. You can find the tracklist below:

Willy G – Streets Talkin’ Mixtape (Coming Soon)
1.Lets Party – Prod. Mix LA
2.Waves – Prod. Joey Hamahona
3.Walkin Home – Prod. Outspoken
4.Were Chillin – Prod. Jordan Beats
5.Rap Till the Death – Prod. JR Rotem
6.Say What I Wanna Say – Prod. Jordan Beats
7.You Can Hate Me – Prod. Dr.Dre
8.Streets Talkin – Prod. HH Solid
9.Have You Ever? Prod. Gustav Strazdins
10.Spit Shine – Prod. Karaoke Pop Hits
11.One Day at a Time – Prod. HH Solid
12.X-Rated Flow – Prod. Kyu Tracks
13.To the Top – Prod. Blunted Beatz
14.One, Two – Prod. Beatjunkie Rato
15.Its Gettin to Me – Prod. Pappiyoo

Willy had this to say:

‘I have been putting the work in all week , re-recording the vocals for the different tracks on the mixtape to get them sent off for mixing and mastering, and I really feel like this is going to be a good project. It sounds good raw, so with mixing and mastering on top of that it will be epic.

I just ripped different beats off youtube to fuck around with over the past couple of years, and I was going to scrap the whole thing but I realised that I can release it for free and get a bit of a buzz going. The beats are free for non-profit use so I may aswell put it out there, cuz i have put hours into writing these tunes. and the producers get a bit of the spot light too, it could encourage people to use their beats.

Ive just been experimenting with this mixtape, trying different vibes on songs trying to find my style, so what your left with is a varied album with lots of themes, touching on everything from break ups to the irish hip hop scene, nightmares to parties. i really think the fans will enjoy this one, and when your gettin it for free, whats not to like! ‘