‘Harp On’ New Termite Jam Session!

Yo, Im back yet again with another wee video for Termites Worldwide Jam!

The Jam is a Competition on Steemit that anyone with a Steemit account can enter, and there are Crypto-Prizes! Ive won a good few rounds so far, just last week I won 3.00 SBD which is worth like $15 last time I checked! Not bad at all! Haha

Heres my entry for Round 26!!


You think Ill win this week? Let me know in the comments!

If you want to get involved with the Jam, hit the link below and set-up your free Steemit account and start earning Cryto-Currency! Or you can just check out Termites other stuff, like Beat Tapes and other MCs entries to the Jam!!

Termite On Steemit!

Once again, thanks for reading! Have a look about if you want, Ive got tonnes of music on here! haha


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Turfs Making me Famous!

I hope the fortune comes with the fame, one would be shite without the other! haha

I was contacted by a journalist from a local paper today for an interview, they said they heard my song on Today FM! I was not aware of it even being played! So I answered a few questions and then I searched to see when Today FM played my song, if I could find out. I came across an article on their website, about me! haha

Check it out below:

>>>> Willy G on Today FM <<<<<

I am happy to report, Turf has made me Famous! Haha, and it looks like I have a fan in Today FM, who I must thank for such a great article! Im delighted to be featured on the Channel and I hope this is the start of something great!

I wrote a wee article myself about the whole thing for Steemit, you can catch it below :

Willy G’s Steemit Article

Stay tuned here for more updates on the situation, and keep your eyes on the papers, you may see me in there, talking about Turf! Haha

Thanks for reading, 

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Subliminal Dissing in Hip Hop

Subliminal Disses, when an MC takes a shot at someone on a record, without mentioning their name. Its an interesting phenomenon. Ive been largely ignorant of it up until recently. I began watching Youtube Videos about Beefs in the Game the other week, and it made me think more about it.

You know, you hear things, as an MC , and you wonder. Was that about me? or Who was that line dissing? Ive had it happen to me before, where it sounded like MCs were maybe taking shots at me, but since I wasnt sure, I just let it slide. They didnt mention my name, so I couldnt be sure.

But since Ive learned of this subliminal dissing shit, Im wondering, how many MCs have taken subliminal shots at me and got away with it? I guess Ill have to inquire about any lines I hear that I think might be aimed at me. With Paranoid Schizophrenia, itll probably be a lot!

I have done it unintentionally before. I have written a rhyme, uploaded it , put it out, only to realize that Im ripping someone to bits, that I didnt even consciously think about while writing the damn thing! I was just dissin an imaginary foe, I thought. Its a very strange thing, the world of subliminal disses.

Hip Hop is about battling with words, rather than fists. But if you diss someone, theyre probably going to want to fight, so its gotten all fucked up. When you think about it, In the genre of Gangsta Rap, if an MC puts out a record dissing another artist, the beef that ensues could get really dangerous!

Its a big part of the whole scene. Ive been battling Schizophrenia for a decade though, so I havent had time to think about these things amidst hospital admissions and psychotic episodes and all. But now that I am aware of it, I am certainly going to make sure my rhymes reflect this knowledge.

If you know of anyone taking shots at me in their rhymes, dont hesitate to contact me on here and let me know, so I can subliminally rip them a new asshole! Haha.

Thanks for reading. 

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A Profound Thought

What if, I was once a regular person. What if for various different reasons including trauma, drugs and genetics I became Schizophrenic. Then I began to hear voices in my head, that hurled abuse and screamed at me all day, everyday. Tormented, alone and confused, the voices began to take over. What if one of the voices began talking in my own voice, and I thought it was my true self. It talked in my voice so much it took over. I lost control, and I became one of the voices in my own head. What if Im screaming at myself because I lost my mind and I am now just a voice in my own head, screaming in torment and confusion because the real voice is now me.

Its a good idea for a song , lol. But I am Schizophrenic. Check this out, its a simulation of a day in the life of a Schizophrenic person. Its 100% accurate, and without medication , sometimes even with it, this goes on 24/7 in your head.


Some say the voices are you. Parts of you, that are talking for some reason. Maybe because your brain is out of whack. Its like sleep. When you dream, your mind becomes lots of other people, this is just like a waking nightmare, quite literally. Reasons for this happening can be Traumatic Experiences, Extreme Stress and Hallucinogenic Drug Trips gone awry, among others

Some say the voices are other people. I pondered this the last time they spoke to me, regularly tormenting me with evil statements about my weight and appearance. My actions, my thoughts. They knew everything, they easily twisted and used my own insecurities against me. It would usually get bad around 6 every evening, that prompted the theory that these are people, telepathic, evil people. They must get off work at 6 and telepathically torment me then!

Some say they are disembodies spirits. Angels, and Demons. Higher intelligences from another realm. The DMT Elves, Aliens. This belief is actually therapeutic. You feel gifted, full of wonder. And as Joe Rogan has debated, the truth of a belief is less important than the result you get from believing it. The Dalai Lama’s Oracle, the man who channels its spirit exhibited all the symptoms of Schizophrenia early in life. Instead of being sectioned and hospitalized, he was taught by a monk how to control it. Its extremely frustrating knowing there is a way to control this gift yet we live in a land that sees it as an illness.

Some say they are Government Black Project Satellites beaming thoughts into peoples heads! As you can see from the video, this is a very real phenomenon for those who go through it, your rational brain has to process the fact that your hearing voices when no one is speaking, so you gather theories. The delusional side of the illness/gift fixes these theories in place as beliefs, maybe because it is easier than trying to discern what is truth and what is fiction.

And finally, preachers claim its a trial by fire. A test from God. This too, is an empowering belief that helps you cope psychologically. If God has chosen you to go through a test, you are a chosen one. It really helps to believe there is some reason for this thing your going through and possibly an end in sight!

Whatever it is, it has meaning. What the voices say relate to your life. The visions you see, if your properly able to look at them metaphorically, mean something deeper. One theory is that it is a healing process the mind must go through, like a butterfly in a cocoon, you will emerge after 40 days and 40 nights, on average, similar to the prophetic process of the Old Testament of the Bible.

There are so many theories out there its hard to figure out which to believe! I think, whatever works best for you to live a happy life. Whatever helps the voices either stop, become manageable or turn into positive, helping friends. It can happen. There was a point where my voices would beat-box and I could hear the great MCs who have passed away, 2pac, Biggie, Big L, spitting rhymes Id never heard before, in their unique style, with actual talent in my head. It was like being tuned into a Schizophrenic Life After Death Hip-Hop Cypher.

Any experience with these voices, or visions that is empowering, and uplifting rather than traumatic is actually not psychotic at all, it is classed as a spiritual experience. I have had times where the clouds were reflecting my every thought in images , guiding me with wisdom towards profound mystical experiences. Like God himself was talking directly to me. I truly believed that Planet Earth is alive, a conscious being with the intelligence of all within it. That was a spiritual experience, because I have been happier and more joyful since it filled me with wonder.

If you are someone who , like me, suffers from Schizophrenia, or Bi-Polar or any other psychotic illness, I would just like to tell you that I know what you are going through, and I would like to let you know that in many countries it is seen as a gift. They are the countries with the highest recovery rates. Beliefs can empower you, beliefs such as the fact that Schizophrenia, may be an evolutionary advantage due to its roots in Shamanism.

If you are a loved one of someone with Schizophrenia, I encourage you to show them as much love and support as possible, and engage with their beliefs, and know that when seen metaphorically, they have meaning hidden underneath. Make sure they have a safe place where they can be themselves and don’t have to worry. Whatever you can do in a crisis without having to go through forced hospitalization, try your best to get through to them and reassure them.

If you are someone who is interested in Schizophrenia, maybe if you have heard of the stigma that we are all crazed Psychopaths that end up on crime shows, if you fear the illness/gift, please know that the stigma is all bullshit. Do what you can to end it, as will I.

I encourage everyone to visit your local library to learn more about this phenomenon, education is the only way to end the stigma.


Thanks for reading

Willy G



Willy G Makes it Cool to Love Turf

Local Farming Enthusiast turned Rapper Willy G gives Turf a cool new look with his passionate rap about Footing it, Burning it, and working till it hurts for the Turf! I caught up with him today to ask a few questions about his love for the fossil fuel….

I asked him what first got him into the Turf business. He claimed it was ‘ A passion’ of his and that if it wasnt for farmers like him ‘cuttin and footin’ the Turf, everyone would be ‘Pure freezin’ in these cold winter days. He had this to say:

‘I was introduced to Turf as a young lad, when the uncles would take me up the hill to work till dusk standing these turf up together in wee teepee like structures. Then wed go back again and bag the dried turf up, and fill them inte the aul tractor trailer. I would usually sit on top of the pile of turf on the way home, having a birds eye view of the countryside from a height.’

Things took a turn for the worst the day he was in the tractor though:

‘We were flyin down the hill at a wile speed, in the aul dexta tractor wey no brakes. There was a brick for a break, you had to put it on top of the brake to stop it but it got jammed in underneath the thing, so we couldnt stop. I remember my uncle screaming at me to ‘Move the f*ckin brick!!!’ but i was frozen with terror , thinking we were gonney die. I somehow managed to move the brick if I remember correctly, but flyin down the’un hill at a break neck speed wey a load a turf on the back was some handlin. ‘

He warned about the dangers of the hill as we spoke more:

‘Ye needy be careful and watch for the aul klegs. not tey mention the midgeys. Ye be scratchin flat out, yed nearly scratch ur skin off thered be such a pile a midgeys but the klegs are another story. Everytime ye look theres wan stuck tey your arm, and their blood suckin wee bastards so they are, ye need a bug spray tey cover yerself from head tey toe or youll be attacked regularly by these wee huirs.’

He told us how he had quit the Turf game for a shot at the bigtime with the Rap Game instead.

‘I was honestly sick a bein an unknown farmer from Donegal.I always had a passion for rap, since I heard 50 Cents ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’, but the only wans hearin me rhymes were the cattle I was heardin. I wasnt makin much money from the farmin either, just enough to keep me afloat so I decided to start puttin out music to increase the income. All I know is farmin, so its only natural I rap about it , ye know! ‘

When asked what his future plans were, he had this to say:

‘Im plannin on makin farmin cool again, ye know. Show the young wans theres a hip side tey cuttin siliage and sprayin fertilizer, maybe get the youth inte it. Theres plenty a room in the mart for young wans tey be buyin heifers and the like. Young fellas an lasses, if ye dunno where tey be startin, get in the farmin.’

He concluded by giving us a glimpse of his album, including the hits, ‘Turf’, and ‘Suckin the Hind Tit’, for which he is working on a self-directed video. Keep an eye out for Willy G Merchandise, including Hip Hop Wellies and Custom Willy G Massey Ferguson Gold Rims coming soon to the WillyG Music website.


Tonnes of New Freestyles!!

I just dropped shitloads of new videos!! Ive got them all here in one place for you to check out.  I be entering competitions so that why Im doing so much vids in such a short time. Check them out below:

Breathe Freestyle:

I went for some real talk on this one, reflecting on my rap career back in the day when it was popping off and I was getting on radio and all. Schizophrenia hit, and wreaked havoc on my life. In the afermath, I feel like Ive wasted 10 years battling this Mental Illness. Time to get my life back together.

Just Don’t Give a Fuck!

A fellow MC called Geechidan is holding a contest on Steemit, called Jackin for Beats. He announces an artist each week, and your mission is to spit a verse on one of the artists beats of your choosing. I really want to win, so I really went in with this one!!

Worldwide Lignuistics (Experimental)

I heard an MC from Aukland who collaborated with Steve Loc recently switching his accent up, into different areas. It sounded dope, so natually I wanted to experiment with that style too! I used accents from America, London, Dublin and Cork and tried to weave them into the verse. Some words that wouldnt usually rhyme can be used when your doing this. Its experimental, and I would like to know what you think of it so dont hesitate to leave a comment!

Its the Flu

Steemit Open Mic offers a first prize of 300 SBD , which is worth something like £1,000 I think !! I had to enter it, and I really want to win this shit!! So I went into overdrive with the flow, putting inflection and emphasis on the rhyme-schemes in hope of making something so bonkers that it wins! Ive made some money off the actual post on Steemit so far, and Ive got a comment from one of the ones that run it too. Fingers Crossed I will win this shit!!

Thats all for now, stay tuned for more Dope Hip Hop and thanks for reading!

-Willy G

Classics from the Past

You know those songs that just keep coming back to? You just want to hear them over and over. Maybe because of the music, maybe the lyrics, maybe both. They are classics. Well here are some classic Hip Hop tracks from the past that I personally love.

First up is R.A The Rugged Man’s awesome verse, Uncommon Valor. Originally a collaboration with Jedi Mind Tricks, he took the verse on its own and made this video for it. The verse stands alone as one of the best Hip Hop verses of all time. He is speaking from the point of view of his father, during his term served in Vietnam during the War.


What makes this verse so good isn’t just the incredible way he put the words together, with such lyrical skill, but it’s the fact that this is all true. He spits nothing but facts from beginning to end. From killing a village Elephant, to Agent Orange wreaking havoc on his siblings. I keep coming back to this verse, and it is definitely a classic.


Another tune I keep coming back to over the years is Ice Cube – Hello. He teamed up with Dr.Dre and MC Ren for an N.W.A reunion in this banger. Cube drops a sick verse over some classic Dr.Dre production. MC Ren and Dre hold their own with their verses, but Ice Cube takes the crown with his mental flow, he bodies it!


You gotta have a bit of Gangsta Rap in the Playlist now and again!

Thanks for reading.

-Willy G

Fresh Eire – Forgot about Dre Remix

Whatup readers! Steve D has been in the lab workin his hip hop sorcery over some Eminem and Dr.Dre Vocals!! He has released 2 brand new Forgot about Dre Remixes!

Have a listen below, the first one is more chilled, and is my personal favourite.

The second one is more Rock orientated, with a sick guitar coming in over the Eminem Verse!

I loved how he repositioned the vocals in the mix, to give it a fresh sound, different to the original.

Which is your favorite? Be sure to leave a comment and let us know!

Thanks for listening

-Willy G

Who’s Killing It?(Hopsin, King Los, Royce)

I just heard this new tune called Everybodys a Bitch and it knocks!!

It features Hopsin, King Los and Royce da 59.


Hopsin really switched up his flow big-time, and I didn’t even realize it was him at first. King Los kills it, Ive only ever heard him on a freestyle on some radio show but it was fire, and now this. He is definitely a talented MC! Royce da 59 absolutely kills it with a long assed verse! Packed with dopeness, he seems to be speaking on the Joe Budden situation which Eminem mentioned on the Chloraseptic Remix.

I dont know exactly whats going on there, but Bizarre from D-12 was on YouTube chatting about Joe Budden recently, so something might happen.


Another MC whos killing it right now is Mad Squablz with this bar fight, Ive actually included a playlist of his stuff so you can see how talented this MC is.


Thats whats happenin! Thank for reading!

-Willy. G