I am a fun-loving, rhyme-spitting emcee from Donegal, Ireland. I like a drink, especially at hip hop nights in town. Im schizophrenic too, Ive heard voices in my head but the meds have stabilized me now for years, so Im in the process of getting my life back together after years in and out of mental hospitals, Im just glad to be sane again.

Im always working on something and Ive got big plans for 2019, 2020 and onward so if your looking for good hip hop music from Ireland, look no further, here I am!!

Im here to drop the illest rhymes I can think of on the sickest beats available and kill mics at shows performing where anyone will let me. I work closely with FreshEireMusic, he produced Schizo-Life and The G Man EP along with numerous FreshEire tunes Im on, you can find them all on Spotify.

Im currently working with Amsterdams Seveaux, a super producer from The Netherlands. Termite Music from London too, he runs a cypher jam on Steemit I always jump on and we have a project in the works too. Jeroen Puttemans from Belgium and I are working on a fire mixtape and theres many more projects in the writing stages too! Im a busy man, dont let the dole head fool you!! haha