The Third Eye Conspiracy(Update)


I’ve rewritten and edited everything but the intro, added a cover and index and written a chapter 5 too! Here’s an excerpt from chapter 5:

“Psychedelic drugs are sacred and always have been to the native peoples of the earth. Before the modern laws and attitudes came in, ancient Irish Celts, Native American tribes, the shamanic peoples of South America and the pagan peoples of Europe all embraced their local psychedelic plants, be it cacti, fungi or DMT rich plants and vines. World-wide, people smoked cannabis, from China all the way to Egypt.

There is a rich tradition of sacred herb and mushroom use that has been deliberately hidden from the modern age. Its all been swept under the rug and our drugs have been demonised. They’ve been made illegal. Stolen from us all and we have been taught that we don’t even want them.”

Read the book so far here -> The Third Eye Conspiracy- A Novel by William Gallagher (Unfishished)15-11-19



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