Open your Third Eye

After you’ve calmed the Schizophrenia down. Listen, you can hear the wind… whispering (you shouldnt’ve done those mushrooms…) Or wait, is that a voice in my head? Who knows! “

-Albert Einstein


I am drunk!

That is all,

carry on…


Know What I Mean Show (Termite)


Termite’s back with Episode 69 of his Know What I Mean show on DSound and Steemit!! Follow the below link to listen and download for free!!

Termite – Know What I Mean Show (On DSound)

Check me out around the start with one of my Jams!! Big up Termite for the shout out!! Stick with it till the end to hear a brand new mix of me spitting fresh rhymes!!

You can check Termites stuff on Steemit By Clicking Here


-Scribbling Willy