The Third Eye by William Gallagher


“The Third Eye” is my new book, which I’m working on at the moment. I’m posting each chapter online in PDF format as I write it, here on my website for free! Today I am posting Chapter 2 here below:

Here is an excerpt from chapter 2 of The Third Eye by William Gallagher:

“We are destined for great things as a species. If it wasn’t for this deliberate
deception, we would have Mars terraformed since the 14th Century, be
mining the moons of it and discovering life on Europa and Enceladus by
now, probably even colonizing our closest star system Proxima Centauri
with its Habitable exoplanet and establishing dynasties throughout the
Milky-Way Galaxy!
Instead we are fracking our lands for oil, destabilizing our planet causing
earthquakes and volcanoes, building Nuclear power plants on known fault
lines (Fukushima) and poisoning the entire globes oceans with
radioactivity when the inevitable earthquake happens, not to mention
islands the size of Ireland made of plastic we have dumped into the sea.
We are fucking about with smart phones and surfing the gigantic
monitoring operation Facebook’s news feed for funny memes and
pointless crap on devices which will explode and kill us all the next time
there’s a big solar flare event. We are mutilating animals in horrific factory
conditions and devouring their decomposing flesh which has been pumped
full of chemical shit that poisons us and causes cancer, washed down with
a bit of fluoride water (the first known use of fluoride in drinking water
was in the WW2 Nazi death camps – to pacify and subdue the inmates)
and throwing the packaging from us into landfills as we all burn to death
and drown in a dying world.”‘

Here is Chapter 1 if you missed it:

The Third Eye by William Gallagher (Chapter 1)

And here is Chapter 2:

The Third Eye by William Gallagher (Chapter 2)

If you enjoyed that, take a look at the Third Eye section of my website where you’ll find many videos and book links and various resources for research into this stuff.


-Scribbling Willy

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