Third Eye Vision Research Update

I’ve been researching my ass off lately and I’ve compiled a list of videos and books I’ve found on the updated page 3 of the Third Eye section of the site which you can find By Clicking This Link. Which will take you to the page. You can find links to all 3 pages I’ve compiled so far on the Home Page of this site, and I update it regularly.

I just found this gem of a video by David Wilcock too who talks about all kinds of out there things such as Telepathy, Astral Projection, Synchronicity and all. Check it out:

I am a paranormal nerd when it comes to these things (lol). I could sit and watch videos about this stuff all day, and I sometimes do! Maybe more than sometimes (haha).

I envision this Third Eye Vision Research Project involving much more people than just me so if you have any ideas, tips, links or questions, feel free to email me via the contact page or leave a comment below. Thanks to all who have done that already, your input is much appreciated!

Have a great day!


-Scribbling Willy

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