Puffin’ B- Willy G (Termite Mix)

I sent Termite some vocals and he just cooked this ill mix up with some of his signature sickness!!

For all my heads out there puffin’ B. Tune into the pirate 5G signal broadcasting live every Tuesday night with Termites Know What I Mean show, keep an eye out and I’ll post links up here when the time comes.

2 New Chapters of The Third Eye Conspiracy


Chapters 2 and 3 of The Third Eye Conspiracy are now up on the site! They are two brand new chapters, due to the fact I’ve changed the original chapter 1 to the introduction. You can find the full book so far, along with each individual chapter in PDF form for free download by by Clicking this Link which will take you to the index page.

Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 3 about the experience of Gang-stalking (A term used to describe when you hear Schizophrenic voices in your head)…

“Take a glimpse through a Schizophrenics eyes for a moment, to when the Gang-stalking begins….

You can sense it. You’ve been through it enough times to know when there is someone watching you in this way. The voices stealthily observe from a distance, noting your ways of thinking and themes of your thoughts until the time comes to move in. They begin to interact, announce themselves in your head and it shocks most. A disembodied voice speaking to you from somewhere you cant identify, that nobody else can hear. They use many torture techniques to drive you insane. Your worst nightmares, things that repulse and disgust you. They’ve gleaned knowledge of them all from their weeks of observation. They act evil to scare you…

Over the course of weeks and months, these voices encourage you to think of certain theories, easing up on the mental torture when the time’s right. Its crazy, you don’t agree with it at first, but they keep mentally assaulting you with their techniques and claim your theory is false while thinking of it is your only option to stop the torture, to have it harden into a delusional belief that you’ll defend to anyone, an example of but one weapon in their arsenal of terror. All the while chipping away at your sanity by using your own weaknesses, flaws and insecurities against you.

An alien intelligence is in your mind, a hive minded team of assassin telepaths with total control. You can hide nothing, they can hide even your own thoughts from you. Mentally hacked, there is no off switch, you can’t hang up. But they want you to hang, they repeat the command to “Hang yourself” over and over, The only thing saving you is observing their techniques and keeping notes, knowing it’ll pass and having been through it before. Knowing its real, keeping quiet and keeping it together…”

Read on by clicking here. Its a work in progress, and if you have any tips please let me know. Also, just a disclaimer. This subject matter is way out there, and I say it in a kind of tongue in cheek way like, what if it was real? I don’t necessarily believe this stuff, more ponder it in a what if kind of way, and I write in a thought provoking way to make you question reality.

All that being said, enjoy the book!


-Scribbling Willy 


The Third Eye by William Gallagher


“The Third Eye” is my new book, which I’m working on at the moment. I’m posting each chapter online in PDF format as I write it, here on my website for free! Today I am posting Chapter 2 here below:

Here is an excerpt from chapter 2 of The Third Eye by William Gallagher:

“We are destined for great things as a species. If it wasn’t for this deliberate
deception, we would have Mars terraformed since the 14th Century, be
mining the moons of it and discovering life on Europa and Enceladus by
now, probably even colonizing our closest star system Proxima Centauri
with its Habitable exoplanet and establishing dynasties throughout the
Milky-Way Galaxy!
Instead we are fracking our lands for oil, destabilizing our planet causing
earthquakes and volcanoes, building Nuclear power plants on known fault
lines (Fukushima) and poisoning the entire globes oceans with
radioactivity when the inevitable earthquake happens, not to mention
islands the size of Ireland made of plastic we have dumped into the sea.
We are fucking about with smart phones and surfing the gigantic
monitoring operation Facebook’s news feed for funny memes and
pointless crap on devices which will explode and kill us all the next time
there’s a big solar flare event. We are mutilating animals in horrific factory
conditions and devouring their decomposing flesh which has been pumped
full of chemical shit that poisons us and causes cancer, washed down with
a bit of fluoride water (the first known use of fluoride in drinking water
was in the WW2 Nazi death camps – to pacify and subdue the inmates)
and throwing the packaging from us into landfills as we all burn to death
and drown in a dying world.”‘

Here is Chapter 1 if you missed it:

The Third Eye by William Gallagher (Chapter 1)

And here is Chapter 2:

The Third Eye by William Gallagher (Chapter 2)

If you enjoyed that, take a look at the Third Eye section of my website where you’ll find many videos and book links and various resources for research into this stuff.


-Scribbling Willy

Third Eye Vision Research Update

I’ve been researching my ass off lately and I’ve compiled a list of videos and books I’ve found on the updated page 3 of the Third Eye section of the site which you can find By Clicking This Link. Which will take you to the page. You can find links to all 3 pages I’ve compiled so far on the Home Page of this site, and I update it regularly.

I just found this gem of a video by David Wilcock too who talks about all kinds of out there things such as Telepathy, Astral Projection, Synchronicity and all. Check it out:

I am a paranormal nerd when it comes to these things (lol). I could sit and watch videos about this stuff all day, and I sometimes do! Maybe more than sometimes (haha).

I envision this Third Eye Vision Research Project involving much more people than just me so if you have any ideas, tips, links or questions, feel free to email me via the contact page or leave a comment below. Thanks to all who have done that already, your input is much appreciated!

Have a great day!


-Scribbling Willy

Trippy Mystical Experiences

Around this time of year, a lot of people are having some out there times and experimenting. I can relate, I’ve done a lot of mystical vision questing over the years. Its possible to go there naturally once you open your third eye. Once that happens you open the door to really out there stuff people could misinterpret as psychosis and schizophrenia…

Here’s another one of these interesting videos I’ve found while researching. This woman has had a lot of things happen mentally and mystically that most round here would probably deem ‘crazy’, but having myself been there I can tell you its different than that. I try not to blog about my feelings but seeing videos like this gives me hope that there’s others out there like me, and that there’s hope for some understanding someday.

She talks about a magical heaven experience in the beginning, I’ve had a similar thing happen to me a few years ago where I was blissing out, really happy seeing visions in the air and reading the clouds. I shed a tear it was so beautiful, went for a walk, all was good… then these voices came from the left and right like the waters Moses parted… they closed in gradually, waters made of voices I perceived as the dark ones. It was like someone out there was illuminating it all, showing me the voices closing in, holding them back as long as possible for me to take it all in, so I would remember, because I had been having this mystical experience that was amazing, and I couldn’t stop them.

It all worked out in the end and I was fine, but I’ve always wanted to have that blissful enlightenment state appear again that had lasted that whole day. I feel I had connected with something out there, something very good and powerful. Maybe even God.

I could go on about this stuff for days but most people have no clue about it and don’t want to listen because they just cannot relate, others ridicule it and some even diagnose it, which is very detrimental to your spirituality. If your out there and you’ve had similar experiences, just know, your not alone. Check that video and keep an eye on here because I’ll keep posting this kind of stuff ’till we start a conversation about it all.


-Scribbling Willy