A World Wide Web of Deceit

Ive been following this guy Mark Passio for a good while now. He does a radio show called ‘What on Earth is Happening’ which he has now brought to Youtube. Hes covered topics such as Mind Control, Freemasonry and even the Ancient Alien interference theory of human origins. Im really interested in this kind of stuff so I be listening away to his stuff, and I really enjoy it.

This episode stood out on its own though, its one he did a few months ago in which he exposes a network of dark occultists who run the world, a brotherhood of satanic people. Its mind blowing, thinking this kind of stuff goes on all throughout every society in the world…

Mark Passio tells us of how he was actually involved in satanism earlier in his life, and how he had to leave it when he witnessed the sheer evil of what they were up to.

What do you think? Is there a network of evil people following what they call ‘The Old Religion’ hidden in society ruling us all through ancient psychological methods of mind control? Or are you wary of this stuff, deeming it an outlandish conspiracy theory?

Personally, I dont know. Ive seen a few freaky things in my lifetime that make me think theres more to life than meets the eye so who knows, could be true…

With Youtube banning and demonetizing ‘Conspiracy Theories’ like this, and certain government groups claiming that conspiracies are even threats, I think we should spread this info far and wide before we end up in an Orwellian state of censorship.

Thanks for reading,

Take care

-Scribbling Willy

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