Living in the Matrix (Buzzsaw)

Heres another really interesting video Ive found while diving down the rabbit hole on Youtube recently. This guy Edward Alexander talks about how we are all distracted from the truth of what reality actually is – an illusion. This guy is like a 90th degree Mason of the Mithraim rite (whatever that is!). If its a secret society this guy is in the super secret echelons of it. He tells of how his family have been in the rite for generations, how he was chased from his home country for speaking out, and he gets into some really freaky metaphysical stuff about invisible (to us) entities ruling us all!

Another real oddity of a video! This ties into my third eye stuff, how some say theres another realm beyond this one thats woven into it like a different dimension. They say its everywhere, even in this very room like the matrix! Incredibly, some people deemed Schizophrenic are actually said to be perceiving this other realm! And psychics too. Everyone can do it, providing your pineal gland isnt yet calcified from the fluoride in the water. They say…

It sounds mad, but why? Because we were taught to ridicule these things in school? What if what you were taught was simply imagination was actually much more than that. What if it was the key to clairvoyant vision? I must go in case I get sectioned here lol….

Definitely worth a watch anyway.



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