Dr Richard Alan Miller (Leak Project)

I found a cool video the other day while surfing Youtube to do with all sorts of crazy stuff like ETs, Pk and ESP powers (including levitation and psychokinesis) , different planes of existence, Clairvoyance and hypnotism inducing states of meditation based visionary experience, and to top it all off, this guy who is a functioning savant, is rocking a Masonic hat!

A real oddity of a video, but incredibly interesting too!

This ties in with my 3rd eye visions research project, it seems like some people can believe this stuff and not have to worry about being hospitalized by psychiatrists. Why is that? Well, why indeed!

The Leak Project is an epic channel on Youtube that have the most out there guests talking about mind blowing stuff that you cant really bring up in normal conversation. If your into this kind of metaphysical stuff its worth the watch!

Im curious to see what people think of this stuff out there, leave a comment with your thoughts.

1 Comment

  1. Dr. RAM is the shit, he’s so smart has probably seen so much craziness that he just laughs at it all. I got a book of his about self-hipnosis and I think it is starting to work!


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