Psychiatry: The Fraud

I couldn’t have said it better myself. This video was posted on Youtube 13 years ago, in 2006. This shit is still going on in the world though. Since then, a lot has changed. Groups like The Hearing Voices Movement are campaigning for patients rights and changing how we view the phenomenon of mental illness, causing a paradigm shift in the field.

Listen to what this man says very closely, because he is making complete sense in an articulate way and stating facts. As a mental patient I can vouch for the truth of it all. But is he being listened to? Evidently not by Psychiatry, who are still going around peddling their drugs which make you sicker. Its not a legitimate medical field, some would even call it pseudo-science.

Being taken from your home and locked up in a secure hospital and forced to take pills and injections is a violation of a persons rights, no matter how ‘out of the norm’ they are acting. The Nazi analogy in the video is fitting. Yet people stand back and let this happen! Awareness needs to be raised about this stuff because when people begin to understand what is going on here, there will (hopefully) be a big change.

The more I look into Psychiatry, the more shocked and appalled I become.

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