Why do I believe in Third Eye Stuff?


I have gone through too much otherworldly experiences in my years dealing with Schizophrenia not to investigate the spiritual aspects of voices and visions. I owe it to myself to find out the truth. I have suffered a great deal with this diagnosis, and if its just some symptom of an illness, Ive pointlessly suffered in vain.

Im left with a choice. Settle in to a lifelong debilitating illness diagnosis that gets worse with age, or investigate the mystical side of things to find out if theres any truth to it. A luxury I wasnt given the past ten years of suffering. I trusted the doctors, I couldnt handle things and went in and out of hospital lost for a decade without any hope.

But Ive realised lately that there is more to this world than meets the eye. The voices and the visions I see are the same as those reported in the Bible, amongst other texts. Ive seen apparitions such as those of The Shining Ones in the past, Ive seen things, conversed with other worldly beings and had intelligent conversations with them. Ive found ties to future events that happen after I see them.

Its horrible to be ridiculed as crazy for seeing these things, and the world needs less bs and more understanding. Im not afraid of being seen as crazy for studying these things. Things that other people refuse to investigate, things doctors dismiss as crazy. But what got me was the vast history of Spirituality that dwarfs schizophrenia theory.

Working backwards, youve got the New Age religious beliefs of today, the psychic powers accounts of Clairvoyance and whatnot. The MK Ultra investigations into Remote viewing and Astral Projection. The Christian Visionaries all over the world. The Yogis, the Monks, Oracles, even Samurais who can channel Chi to break bricks with their fingers. Even psychologists such as Carl Jung and esoteric writers such as Rudolf Steiner.

Youve got the Religions of the world with their healers and mystics in every community. The secret societies which deal with the mystical such as the Rosicrucians and Freemasons. The past masters of these gifts, Jesus, Buddha, Zarathustra, Travelling backwards in time to the ancient past where a worldwide religion based on the knowledge of the third eye is evidenced in ancient statues, carvings and artwork all over the world. The ancient Egyptians and their Eye of Horus being one example.

It seems like the sheer volume of information based on seeing visions and having mystical experiences completely outweighs any Psychiatric theory of Schizophrenia by miles.

So that is why I am investigating the Third Eye and its powers, along with all other occult and spiritual topics to do with it all. And you can call me crazy, but youll probably realise theres something to it all one day.


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