The Shining Ones


The Shining Ones is a name given to beings who look like the above picture. They are extra-dimensional, of the Other World. The ancient Irish Gods The Tuatha De Danann is thought to be another name for them. These gods which have been featured on Ancient Aliens are thought to have been extraterrestrial. They are magic, and can appear at will in an apparition.

They come from the same realm as Orbs (ghost lights) as they can manifest out of thin air. They look as though made of divine shining golden light, like above. They are a mystery, kind of proof that magic is real to me because I have seen them.

They appear with what looks like flashes of lightning in your vision blinding you, coming from every angle as you try to shield your eyes and look away, a flash here, there , everywhere until the lightning manifests as beings, everywhere you look. These beings finally settled for me into a row of guards/warriors in a line behind a king and a queen.

Hovering above my garden a story up outside my bedroom window, they were all made of this golden light, but had no legs. Just a golden bust of shoulders and head, with the torso tapering off kind of like casper, but more solid like they were golden statues. the warriors and king held spears, while the king gazed over my head at the horizon.

The queen changed as I gazed upon her in awe, into a greenish extraterrestial looking being and she held in her hand what looked like an atom/genius symbol. The circles inside it spun around and it emanated a bright green light which looked very mystical. It was similar to this picture but way more badass looking:


This apparition continued for 15 minutes to 20 minutes. I just stood in awe watching these beings stand there mid air showing me this scene. I shouldve took notes immediately after but my mind was too blown. It was years ago now too, but Ive never forgotton it.

I knew it was more than some schizophrenic symptom the moment those lightning flashes began. As I research into it, I will post anything I find on this section of the site that may explain what it was better, and if you know anything or any of this rings a bell dont hesitate to comment.



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