Psychiatry: The Fraud

I couldn’t have said it better myself. This video was posted on Youtube 13 years ago, in 2006. This shit is still going on in the world though. Since then, a lot has changed. Groups like The Hearing Voices Movement are campaigning for patients rights and changing how we view the phenomenon of mental illness, causing a paradigm shift in the field.

Listen to what this man says very closely, because he is making complete sense in an articulate way and stating facts. As a mental patient I can vouch for the truth of it all. But is he being listened to? Evidently not by Psychiatry, who are still going around peddling their drugs which make you sicker. Its not a legitimate medical field, some would even call it pseudo-science.

Being taken from your home and locked up in a secure hospital and forced to take pills and injections is a violation of a persons rights, no matter how ‘out of the norm’ they are acting. The Nazi analogy in the video is fitting. Yet people stand back and let this happen! Awareness needs to be raised about this stuff because when people begin to understand what is going on here, there will (hopefully) be a big change.

The more I look into Psychiatry, the more shocked and appalled I become.

Warrior, Magician, Lover, King


This has been a real eye opening book, and I think its something every man of our generation should read. Its to do with Jungian psychology and deals with the 4 parts of ourselves Carl Jung theorised we had within, and the shadow, what happens when we repress aspects of ourselves to fit in and how to escape the trap of doing that.

The basics is that we all have a sovereign king aspect of ourselves who guides us and plans out our life. Think of your life like his kingdom which he rules over justly with integrity. Along with the king we have a magician who is all about finding information and doing research, he connects us to the mystical and is the wise one. To balance the magicians cold rationality out , we have the lover, that part of us that longs to connect with other human beings, and finally we have the warrior, who is like the worker and gets shit done in our lives, defends us and our loved ones, and stands up for whats right and noble, like a samurai.

In a well rounded, healthy person, these archetypes of personality work in harmony with one another. The king decides the course of life, if a problem arises, the magician is enlisted to work out how to proceed, the warrior then carries this out while the lover adds the ability to connect and get along with other people to work things out. All together, working perfectly things go right in life and the male can embrace his masculinity and be a man.

But when we repress certain aspects of ourselves, because of what others think or what our parents say (or don’t say) to fit in, we store these traits in our shadow, which is our subconscious. Each archetype can become enlarged or smaller and malfunction, leading to all of our problems. The author explains various aspects of each character that appear when they go wrong like being overly feminine, being a pushover, full of fear and anxiety or on the flip side, becoming a tyrant king or a bully, posing as a victim and much more traits all to do with each archetype becoming bigger or smaller in the shadow.

I was blown away by some of the descriptions in this book and how it relates to my life, and Jungian psychology is definitely an area of study Im going to continue with, inspired by this book. Anyone else out there who has problems and doesnt know how to solve them may enjoy this book too and it can be found free on Kindle Unlimited!

Warrior, Magician, Lover, King on Amazon UK

Anatomy of an Epidemic


Anti-psychotics cause the chemical imbalance they’re said to treat. this has been known as scientific fact since the 1940s! This is just one of the startling facts that this book , Anatomy of an Epidemic by Robert Whitaker has brought to my attention. I have been diagnosed as Schizophrenic, and I am on long term Anti-psychotic medication at the moment, so as I read this book, an anger is bubbling up in me as I realise how I’ve been used by the mental health system, so much so that I have to write this before I even finish the book!

Whitaker explores the origins of psychiatry and exposes the quackery that went on when the owners of various asylums where the mentally ill were segregated to stop them passing on their faulty genes in an injustice inspired by eugenics began to experiment on the patients. Ice baths, Lobotomies with ice picks through the eye into the frontal cortex scrambling the brain, Insulin comas, Electro-Convulsive Therapy and poisons injected to cause seizures, teeth pulled, These early psychiatrists did anything to find a cure, going at patients with tools in a fervor inspired by the magic bullet cure discoveries of Insulin and Penicillin at the time.

Finally, they found that these Anti-psychotics seemed to temporarily stop psychosis. but patients developed Parkinsons disease long term. They claimed there was a chemical imbalance in the brain that these drugs cured. that was disproven, and in fact it was then found that these drugs actually cause a chemical imbalance in the brain. Studies were done over the years clearly showing key points:

  • Anti-psychotics worsen the ‘illness’ with patients on them becoming more prone to psychosis and having terrible outcomes long term
  • Anti-psychotics cause Tardive Diskenesia from basal ganglia damage which then causes a permanent, irreversible Tardive Psychosis from which there is no recovery
  • 75 % of patients on long term meds end up with Dementia
  • those who recover are those who had very little or never took Antipsychotics

The medications actually cause the illness. this has been known since the 1940s, and was just swept under the rug. Whats worse, patients are forced by law to take these medications, under duress, coercion and with no informed consent. The drugs shrink the Frontal cortex and white brain matter, enlarge the ventricles, damage the Hippocampus and cause an overgrowth of Dopamine receptors which causes dopamine hypersensitivity and guarantees you go psychotic if you try to stop the meds.

The meds put the brakes on dopamine production, which makes the brain react and grow more receptors, like an accelerator being floored. so the brakes and accelerator are both on, and if you remove the meds (the brakes) you go headfirst off the cliff of psychosis.

Psychiatists cant be that stupid as to not know this information, or be ignorant of it, or even to sweep it under the rug! But that’s the case, I should’ve been told of this and I wasn’t. Certain doctors around the world have been found to be paid by drug companies in large amounts and this too, is a proven fact.

I cant begin to describe how much of an injustice this is! Being forced to take drugs against your will that make you sicker, not to mention the long list of side effects including sudden death. patients who complain are slapped on more drugs for the side effects. Most patients cant get off the injection so cant taper down off meds in pill form, the only safe way.

I am left with such righteous indignation and anger at the system its ridiculous. I am on long term Anti-psychotics and was never told of these risks or studies. My outcome has been made a bleak one of repeated psychosis, culminating in permanent Psychosis and Dementia if I don’t do something soon!

Now begins the arduous task of getting off the injection onto pills and then getting these pills reduced at a slow rate for years until I’m drug free. And then more years for my brain to recover (if it can) and hopefully Ill be normal again, with 20 years of my life lost to ‘Schizophrenia’ at the hand of this corrupt, pathetic system.

Wish me luck, and read that book,


Whos Killing it? August 19

Who am I listening to at the moment? Theres a lot of good shit out there right now, from MGK to Ocean Wisdom. Ive been bumping all this shit recently when Im not watching Alien shit on Youtube lol.

I really like this song by MGK – Hollywood Whore. I can relate, too many backstabbers in life trying to play you. Its so dope, well produced audio and video wise, its official this is a lethal song.

On the other end of things is Eminem and Conway the Machine. A sick serial killer type beat lol, Conway goes hard! Then Eminem kills it while bragging about going with Nicki Minaj, he is a lucky man!

And if all that wasnt enough, it seems theyve released Eminems Battle Rap movie on Youtube for free! Bodied is a young white nerds story of his battle rap career, very entertaining! It just goes to show, us MCs are all fucked up but thats just who we are, who gives a fuck, embrace it lol.

Other notable shit in rap is the battle between Tom MacDonald and Mac Lethal who got whos ass handed to who? Ill let you be the judge lol.

Mad Squablz is an ill MC I follow, and his new tune Remember My Name just dropped. Kxng Crooked is soldiering on through his Hip Hop Weekly series too, hes at Week 30 now! This guy Jellyroll is keeping it real with his new tune Same Asshole which blew my mind this week. Hopsins I Dont Want it tune has him stepping away from the spotlight. YBN Cordae is also killing it with his new shit, including this tune with Meek Mill called We Gon Make it.

My favourite Emcee I have discovered recently has to be Donnie Arcade, with his Annunaki alien bars. Hes got tunes about The Sumerian God EnkiFluoride Water and The Pineal Gland, even The Archons from the ancient Gnostic Texts! Ill leave you with my favourite song of his, 7 Chakras. That violin!

His Producer 4Bidden Knowledge encodes all his music with healing frequencies such as 432 htz and 528 htz, Ive found it such a pleasure to listen to Im actually going to start encoding my own stuff with these frequencies too!

The Game just dropped This Banger called Westside. Masta Ace is killing it too with his new tune Get Shot and Twista dropped a dope song called Sunshine where hes definitely killing it on that second verse with the flow!! Nas dropped The Lost Tapes 2 and Ocean Wisdom wreaks havoc on 4 AM. Dublins Jambo just dropped Souls on Rent featuring Willa Lee and last of all, Ive personally jumped on another Termite Jam!! Its round 81 at this point haha.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you found some dope music you didnt know about! If you know about any tunes I dont, feel free to comment underneath,


-Willy G


Why do I believe in Third Eye Stuff?


I have gone through too much otherworldly experiences in my years dealing with Schizophrenia not to investigate the spiritual aspects of voices and visions. I owe it to myself to find out the truth. I have suffered a great deal with this diagnosis, and if its just some symptom of an illness, Ive pointlessly suffered in vain.

Im left with a choice. Settle in to a lifelong debilitating illness diagnosis that gets worse with age, or investigate the mystical side of things to find out if theres any truth to it. A luxury I wasnt given the past ten years of suffering. I trusted the doctors, I couldnt handle things and went in and out of hospital lost for a decade without any hope.

But Ive realised lately that there is more to this world than meets the eye. The voices and the visions I see are the same as those reported in the Bible, amongst other texts. Ive seen apparitions such as those of The Shining Ones in the past, Ive seen things, conversed with other worldly beings and had intelligent conversations with them. Ive found ties to future events that happen after I see them.

Its horrible to be ridiculed as crazy for seeing these things, and the world needs less bs and more understanding. Im not afraid of being seen as crazy for studying these things. Things that other people refuse to investigate, things doctors dismiss as crazy. But what got me was the vast history of Spirituality that dwarfs schizophrenia theory.

Working backwards, youve got the New Age religious beliefs of today, the psychic powers accounts of Clairvoyance and whatnot. The MK Ultra investigations into Remote viewing and Astral Projection. The Christian Visionaries all over the world. The Yogis, the Monks, Oracles, even Samurais who can channel Chi to break bricks with their fingers. Even psychologists such as Carl Jung and esoteric writers such as Rudolf Steiner.

Youve got the Religions of the world with their healers and mystics in every community. The secret societies which deal with the mystical such as the Rosicrucians and Freemasons. The past masters of these gifts, Jesus, Buddha, Zarathustra, Travelling backwards in time to the ancient past where a worldwide religion based on the knowledge of the third eye is evidenced in ancient statues, carvings and artwork all over the world. The ancient Egyptians and their Eye of Horus being one example.

It seems like the sheer volume of information based on seeing visions and having mystical experiences completely outweighs any Psychiatric theory of Schizophrenia by miles.

So that is why I am investigating the Third Eye and its powers, along with all other occult and spiritual topics to do with it all. And you can call me crazy, but youll probably realise theres something to it all one day.


The Shining Ones


The Shining Ones is a name given to beings who look like the above picture. They are extra-dimensional, of the Other World. The ancient Irish Gods The Tuatha De Danann is thought to be another name for them. These gods which have been featured on Ancient Aliens are thought to have been extraterrestrial. They are magic, and can appear at will in an apparition.

They come from the same realm as Orbs (ghost lights) as they can manifest out of thin air. They look as though made of divine shining golden light, like above. They are a mystery, kind of proof that magic is real to me because I have seen them.

They appear with what looks like flashes of lightning in your vision blinding you, coming from every angle as you try to shield your eyes and look away, a flash here, there , everywhere until the lightning manifests as beings, everywhere you look. These beings finally settled for me into a row of guards/warriors in a line behind a king and a queen.

Hovering above my garden a story up outside my bedroom window, they were all made of this golden light, but had no legs. Just a golden bust of shoulders and head, with the torso tapering off kind of like casper, but more solid like they were golden statues. the warriors and king held spears, while the king gazed over my head at the horizon.

The queen changed as I gazed upon her in awe, into a greenish extraterrestial looking being and she held in her hand what looked like an atom/genius symbol. The circles inside it spun around and it emanated a bright green light which looked very mystical. It was similar to this picture but way more badass looking:


This apparition continued for 15 minutes to 20 minutes. I just stood in awe watching these beings stand there mid air showing me this scene. I shouldve took notes immediately after but my mind was too blown. It was years ago now too, but Ive never forgotton it.

I knew it was more than some schizophrenic symptom the moment those lightning flashes began. As I research into it, I will post anything I find on this section of the site that may explain what it was better, and if you know anything or any of this rings a bell dont hesitate to comment.