Down this Rabbit Hole


This tune is about a night me and a friend were walking home from a visit to a nearby town. It was dark, and we went into this old man made lake which had druid standing stones in it, for a wee break.

No sooner were we in there than a druid sorcery orb energy ball thing appeared suspended in the thin air! It was craziness. It sat there in the air for like 20 minutes then disappeared, I meditated and tried to communicate with it and suddenly, it faded back into existence!

The weird thing is, if that isnt weird enough, that it was made of the same 3 colours I had been meditating on at that lake for months, red, orange and yellow like the first 3 chakras. It seemed as though it had been watching me all that time, and decided that night to communicate with us….

It was one of the freakiest things Id ever seen and just goes to show you that theres more to life than meets the eye…