Shout Out to the Fans!!

Id just like to take a second to thank all the fans from the bottom of my heart for sticking with me through the past few years. Everyone who checks out my videos and listens to my rhymes and all, Id just like to say how much I appreciate you all and how grateful I am that I have an audience that enjoys what I do, and gives me a platform to put out my tunes through, and my Spaced Out videos and everything. Massive respect to you all and much love!

You all should know that your support, comments and likes, all your shares and everything really means a lot and the fact you all listen to my stuff and enjoy what Im doing really makes my day. I appreciate each and every one of you and its so much fun bringing new videos to you all.

Your support and love gets me through hard times too. Ive had a hard few years there battling schizophrenia with everything going wrong in my life, Ive been in some sticky situations and went though some crazy shit in the past ten years, and there where times when things looked like they were just hopeless. But with you all here listening to my stuff and showing support, Ive grown and climbed out of that dark place I was lost in, came back from the brink and my life has been getting better and better the past few years. Ive got my medication worked out and I stay away from drugs now too which really has helped me stay relapse- free for ages now, and I expect it to continue into the next decade.

Expect much more videos and songs , freestyles and jams coming into the future. Im always learning and growing as a person and progressing on this journey of life, and I love sharing it with you all as I go. So thank you all for your love and support, just know it really means a lot to me and has greatly improved my life over the past few years as we build this thing and grow bigger.

Were up over 300 Facebook fans now, and almost 90 Youtube subscribers too! Things are going to take off in a big way in the coming years and to all those who have been here from day one, you are legends!! Everyone joining us for the first time now, welcome! It just shows that consistency pays off. When I got back into putting out videos last year, I didnt have much of an audience but I stuck at it and kept supplying the dope rhymes and sick videos and now a year later its really starting to pay off. Its like they say, even a fool who persists in his folly will become wise, and thats kind of what Im at here haha.

I hear Im gaining a cult following now, and that is just absolutely incredible! Its onwards and upwards from here on out, Ive got a gig coming up at the end of June in Bennigans and Im working on a few projects behind the scenes too expected to drop around 2020 that are going to be ill as fuck so be prepared for some great music coming your way soon!

Might drop a song called ‘Vision Quest’ sometime soon in the run up to this gig about the Schizophrenic/Third Eye Hypnagogic visions Ive been seeing for years now…. Keep an eye out for that!

Once again, thank you to all the fans for your continued support, till next time this is Willy G signing out, all the best.

-Willy G