The Real Story of Ireland

Did Irish Druids really influence Ancient Egyptian culture? Do the very origins of civilization lie in Ireland? Michael Tsarion thinks so. Ive been following his podcasts and interviews for a while now and I find his work really interesting.

He talks about a civilization who lived on a sunken group of islands off the North-West coast of Ireland before a great cataclysm wiped them out. A few survived, they were the Celtic Druids who then traveled the world to spread their knowledge and wisdom of Mathematics, Astrology, Medicine and more, which humanity had no knowledge of since the cataclysm.

Its an incredibly interesting story. It changes how you look at the world around you too when you think of the ancient wisdom that was practiced on this island in the past and the great forgotten history of the mysterious Druids who build the enigmatic structures such as burial mounds and Neolithic standing stones all over the countryside.

Heres his most recent interview on the Resolving Reality Youtube Channel if you think its as interesting a topic as I do.


Heres his website too


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