Willy G – Back to Hip Hop Remix

To celebrate the launch of my new site Willygmusic.com, Im dropping a remix of The Black Eyed Peas new tune: Back to Hip Hop!! I just did my thing with some rhymes and flows for the craic!! Have a listen, and hope you enjoy it.

Ive got another tune dropping tomorrow, with an official video and all so keep an eye out for that!! Have a look round the site too its packed full of shit for your entertainment!!


-Willy G 

Willy G Merch Shop!!

Ive just found out about this new site where you can drop ship merch!! Im testing it out with this design just until I get a proper logo done up and I can start providing proper Willy G Merch!!

You order, they print and ship it and I get the profits!! I can then make better products at lower prices and make cool ass shit for you, the fans!!

To check out the shop, Click Here. 

Artwork with GIMP

GNU Image Manipulation Program, not an actual gimp, is what Im using to create some dope artwork! Im using Pixabay too for copyright-free images to alter and work with. My aim is to get some cool looking shit to put on Merchandise Im getting done soon, and have some nice logos and all for this site too.

Im only getting the hang of the basics yet. All I did with that image was put writing on it because thats all I know how to do yet. Do you think its good enough to put on a T Shirt? Let me know in the comments.

Heres another one I did there today:


Its early stages yet but I reckon if I can get good enough quotes and lyrics printed on nice pics or designs I can make some T Shirts that will sell regardless if theyre Willy G merch or not. Ive got big plans!!

I did art in school and its great getting back into it, although nothing beats a pencil and paper, Im hoping I can get some sort of graphics tablet or something to sketch on. Once I get good at using this GIMP program I will be kicking ass!!

Keep an eye out for more artwork coming soon

Xeplion – Anti-psychotic Injection

Picture getting that thing jagged into you! I get it monthly for my Schizophrenia. Its an Intra-muscular injection straight into the deltoid arm muscle (on either arm) every 4 weeks. Xeplion is a liquid solution of Palipiridone and sometimes its grand but others it hurts , either way its a weird ass feeling getting stuff injected into your muscle.

The needle does this thing at the end when the solution is finished and its like residue or something left over that sounds like a squelch , its the most unpleasant sound but it signals the end of the injection so you be relieved to hear it.

Its not fun, theres a 3 monthly injection option which I might switch to, Im undecided because its more solution to last longer and fuck that! A bigger load in the muscle. Longer injection time and all. Possibly wider needle. The whole thing gives me the heebie jeebies.

Its not an ideal solution to Schizophrenia having to get this injection every month, Ive tried before to get it reduced and get off it but with no luck. Non compliance is the problem, they probably think if I only took pills then Id just stop taking them, as I have done before with disastrous consequences. Going mental, Psychosis that lasted months and thinking Im an alien from a different star system and the like. Not pleasant to go through.

Ive just given in now and accepted that the injection is needed. Since Ive been on it I havent had a relapse into psychosis once in a good few years. Im not worried about going mental now because of it, and also staying away from street drugs has helped massively.

On the horizon is possibly a CBD based Anti-psychotic derived from the Cannabis plant though so Im looking forward to that when and if it comes out. There will be way less side effects with that shit and itll be more natural. Studies are being conducted  right now on the Anti-psychotic effects of Cannabidiol and I am excited. Who would have thought what allegedly caused this illness would come round and fix it too!

I wait expectantly for more studies to be done and the results investigated to possibly contribute to the development of a new type of Anti-psychotic in the coming years. Until then though, Im stuck with this Xeplion shit. Hurry up scientists!!

In other news, dont buy Blueberries from Lidl. I just had my beloved Greek yogurt and fruit only to bite into 2 disgustingly off blueberries that mustve been mouldy in the middle or some shit! Bleauguch!! And the rest of them were bland as fuck, whats worse, they had no damn Strawberries!

#Getfitordietrying #CDBforschizophrenia #Intramuscluarantipsychoticinjection

Smart Rappers Watch This

Are you putting out groundbreaking music but only getting 3 views per day? Are you putting your blood sweat and tears into EPs that go nowhere? Are you broke? Going backwards? Ive been there. Maybe I still am! But Ive got plans, big plans to expand my business into an empire soon. One thing thats really helped me plan shit out is this guy, Rob Level.

Ive been following this Rob Level guy on Youtube after he popped up in my recommended a few days ago. Level runs the Smart Rapper channel where he gives you advice on marketing, merchandise, networking, studio recording and all sorts of other shit. Heres one of his vids about flipping T Shirts and other merch to make some dough by investing in yourself:

Its good to sit down with a bite of food and stick on one of his vids for something to watch while you eat, he is very informative and seems to know what hes talking about. His advice is sound and its already helping me make plans for the future of my rap career.

Keep an eye out this weekend, all going well Ill have something really cool to unveil around Sunday and its onwards and upwards from there as I build this empire!


-Willy G 

Donate to Willy G Music


I am testing out with my Paypal to see if anyone would like to donate to Willy G Music so I can afford a new and better website, new equipment for recording stuff and more Greek yogurt with fruit lol. Im joking but I am looking for donations if you feel like it , I think you can donate any amount you want.

Follow the link below and it should take you to the donation page

Donate to Willy G Music Here

I hope this is legal lol

‘Excuses are for bitches’ (Motivation)

If you need motivation to work out, check this lad out. Big Brandon Carter doesn’t fuck around, he has a way with motivational words. Youd think saying things like ‘excuses are for loosers’ would be negative, but personally it has the effect on me of having me doing sit ups and push ups as soon as I put on one of his videos. He calls out the bullshit that circulates in everyones minds when it comes to working out like putting it off, saying you dont have time because of work or school, just generally bullshitting yourself into not working out. Once he points out the bullshit, its easy to dismiss it and get lifting or doing cardio.

This is the first video I saw of him, its really good motivation.


You can be sitting there dreading the workout, procrastinating, making excuses and end up not doing it, or you can fire on one of these videos and jump right in and push it to the limit till your sick! Its worth it and youll feel alive.



My Secret Weapon

Ive discovered a secret weapon to add to my arsenal while I wage war with this fat! Greek yogurt with fruit is the absolute shit! The yogurt is 0% fat and the fruit has barely any calories , and best of all it tastes delicious.

I had some Greek yogurt last night with a chopped up apple and some blueberries and it was like 200 calories for that, that’s not bad at all considering how much is in it.

I started looking up fruit calories online then and was amazed by it, 2 apples is only 100 cal and you could eat a whole pound of Strawberries and it’d be the same, so a whole packet is 100 cal. Plus it tastes so damn good with all the natural sugars in it, and best of all its good for you.

When your eating an unhealthy obese persons diet you scoff at fruit and veg and sneer thinking ‘ why should I even bother’. You imagine its bland and ‘healthy’ so its not worth a fuck. But once you decide to go for it and get into healthy eating you realize that the crap you were eating is actually what was bland. The same burgers, sausages, bacon over and over just the same aul tastes everyday had you blinded, you only thought it was nice because of the grease. It was safe and predictable. You were in denial.

Once you start tucking into salads and fruits and the like, it soon dawns on you that youve never tasted so many flavours all in one bowl! Its an overload, like a shock to the system  and its so good! Theres so many possibilities now for meals, salads, soups, stir fries, omelettes, a whole new world is opened up to you that was locked off by your ignorance. And best of all , all the greasy and sugary foods are still there for cheat days!!

Its like when you face fear. The fear is controlling you without you knowing it, by giving in your shutting off potential good times and opportunities you would have if you faced the fear and went out. You become miserable because you’ve imprisoned yourself in a shitty life with no options, because everywhere you turn , fear is there saying nope. your not allowed to do that, its not possible. And you give in because your so used to it. It makes your world smaller and smaller.

Until you face up to the fear, and realize that it gets weaker and weaker the more you do the things you fear, then once you understand you can conquer fear, nothing scares you because you know that whatever happens your strong enough to handle it!

A fear of having to eat lettuce for years in misery was holding me back. Fear and dread of exercise. Fear of fucking up and failing, but I had to say ‘fuck this’ and get in shape, or at least try to because being fat made me even more miserable, but I didnt know it because I was in denial.

Being this fat, its hard getting out there and meeting people. Whole areas of my life are blocked off as no go zones because of fear. I cant run either, Im too fat. I need XXL clothes, I get out of breath going up the stairs, and carrying all this weight around is both heavy and a health risk. But I blocked it all out for years because at least I had stabilized my schizophrenia.

So now, with my meds at the right dosages, its time to tackle this weight. I will succeed. It’ll open up opportunities for relationships, I can do dope rap videos and look good. I can jog and run and shit, even wear normal clothes! Plus, once I succeed its going to be a great success story.

2019 is the year I #Getfitordietryin

This week with Willys Diet

Its Sunday the 6th of January 2019 and Ive been dieting now for a week. I do this thing where I take note of shit I do during the day then revise it all on Sunday to see where Im at with my goals. Its an idea I got from reading The 50th Law by Robert Greene, where his advice was to take regular hard looks at yourself to see what your at , piercing the veil with your razor sharp hustlers eye. Sounded good so I adopted it .

Tuesday 01/01/19

I started my notes on the first, a new year and a new plan to get fit! I tallied up the results of the days eating and came to find Id consumed 3,700 calories!

Thats not good at all for the first day of the diet, but I brushed it off because eating so much over Christmas has a hangover effect of you just continuing to have a huge appetite for a few days I thought, well for me anyway thats how it is.

Heres what I ate that day.

Breakfast A Bacon Buttie with Toast (No Salad)

Lunch An out of date marinated Turkey Burger I had a bite of, and 2 slim world sausages

Snack Sweet Potato cubes with garlic infused batter and herbs

Dinner Bacon Lardons and Penne Pasta in Bacon and Tomato sauce

Supper Ham and Cheese Sandwich with Taco Sauce 

Snack A few Chocolate fingers

Then a midnight snack Super Noodles

And you have to count the calories in sweetners and milk from Tea & Coffee all day.

I mustve worked out the math but it all added up to 3,700 cal.

My Exercise for the day was a medium paced walk for half a mile Id say.

I didnt even notice I ate so much till I looked back over the notes. At this point I was feeling trapped by the food, like I couldnt stop being hungry and eating this amount of shit so I felt there was no hope. It wasnt until Sunday when I worked out a plan for healthy eating that I felt some hope.

Tuesdays just a sample of what I was eating. The rest of the week was up and down .

Wednesday – 2800 cal.

Thursday – 2850 cal.

Friday – 3650 cal.

Saturday – 2550 cal.

Sunday –  1900 cal ( so far at 12.00 midnight)


I drank on Thursday ( 1 glass of whiskey and coke) , Then I finished the bottle and had like 5 whiskey and cokes on Friday, Saturday I consumed 1000 cal of alcohol with 5 Perlenbacher 500ml bottles. Which brings us to Sunday, while Im writing this.

I worked out today that you could have 4 300 cal meals per day and still be at 1200 cal for the day. or 4 500 cal meals and be at 2000 for the day, you just have to plan out what your going to eat before hand and not let yourself eat anything more. I settled on this plan

Breakfast – 500 cal meal.

Lunch – 300 cal meal.

Dinner – 500 cal meal

Supper – 300 cal meal

Thats 1600 cal, leaving room for some snacks and tea and coffee.

Ive written out all the options I have for each meal, so its just a matter of having a variety everyday and switching it up so you dont get bored.

Ill post a meal plan at some point but it just involves lots of Salad, Stir fries, Soup, Eggs, anything with vegetables really. Pasta and rice too in small quantities, cereal like wheetabix and for snacks handfuls of nuts and apples, a smoothie maybe etc.

I am trying to get out for a walk at least once a day too for half a mile, trying to up the pace so I get my heart rate going and out of breath. I will be working in working out from next week on too which involves sit ups, push ups and weights doing a kind of interval training. I have an exercise bike and a football too if I can stop my Dogs trying to bust the damn thing! The aim is to get as active as possible.

In conclusion

I think its not a bad start to the years diet plan. A couple of near-4,000 cal slip ups a couple of days there and the rest were around 2800 which is what I need to maintain my weight so I wont be gaining any at that.

Moving forward into next week I need to keep daily calories between 2,000 – 2,300, 500 cal lower than what I need to maintain, so Ill be burning fat and losing weight. With this meal plan worked out we will soon see how easy it is, and I will need to work in more exercise daily from tomorrow on too.

I will keep you readers posted as I go on, and if you have any suggestions dont hesitate to drop a comment!

Thanks for reading

Willy G 

Weight Loss Battle

As I write this, I am nearly 20 stone weight!! This is not good. The health effects alone should be enough to get me off my ass and training, not to mention the grotesque sight of an obese belly in the mirror!

Over the past year Ive made a few half assed attempts at losing weight. Ive tried using my exercise bike every hour of the day for like a month straight but it didnt do any good. Ive went on a Ketogenic diet, which was working until I read on some forum online that it can give you kidney stones so I gave up and feasted on delicious bread. Ive planned out my days down to the last minute to try to get shit done, including losing weight, only to go off track and forget about it.

I last lost weight while gardening two years ago, I was exercise biking, eating right and walking along with gardening (digging muck and all) everyday and I lost a good few pounds. Before that it was working with my uncles building one of their houses where I lost 3 stone over a few months! Horsing bricks up ladders and mixing concrete is a good workout. But since then I havent been able to shift the weight, and whats worse, Ive actually gained a few stone!!

I just look at the scales saying 19.13 now and think ‘fuck this’. 20 stone is too damn heavy if your not a sumo wrestler like. My new years resolution is to dedicate this whole year to losing at least 5 stone. I know I can do it if I put my mind to it, and Im already eating salads and cooking stir fried vegetables and all sorts of healthy shit.

The main problem is the drink. I would drink like everyday if it didnt mean I was an alcoholic but I try to keep it to weekends. I aimed to do a dry January and drink next month until I experimented with just having one whiskey on Thursday night. That went well until Friday where I tried it again and ended up finishing the bottle! Then I was in Lidl on Saturday and they had 8 500ml bottles of Perlenbacher for 7.50 euros! It was too good to pass up. Now Ive got 3 left and Im debating drinking them tonight or something.

5 of those is 1000 calories like! Its a disaster, Ive had days this week where Ive eaten close to 4,000 calories!! and thats on a diet! Meh, its to be expected after months of eating shit at every opportunity. Ive had days where it was 2,700 cal this week too and thats about the amount I need to maintain my weight, based on my calculations I need 2,300 or below to lose any weight.

Im trying not to lose it too fast either, because you can get stuck with this excess skin that looks nasty and you need an operation to remove so Im looking into supplements and creams to stop that along with a slow and steady loss of about a pound or two a week, all going well. So I cant dip below 2,000 cal daily.

My objective from here on out is to win every day!! Salads and soups and stir fries, lots of eggs and wheetabix and less bacon and sausage fry ups, less chocolate bars and most importantly, less beer and whiskey!! The caloric sweet spot is between 2,000 and 2,300 calories per day. if Im in there I know Im losing something.

Im going to keep this blog updated weekly with my progress and put myself on deaths ground if you will, by stating here that Im going to lose 5 damn stone by the end of the year one way or another! By proclaiming it online Im going to have to do it or look like an idiot, worst case scenario I fail and figure out why I failed and try again, or best case, I end up fitter and healthier because of it!! its a win win situation.

Wish me luck!