Week 4 -1 Month of #Getfitordietryin

January is nearly over!! Ive been reviewing my progress, focusing that cold, objective hustlers eye on myself and evaluating how Im doing yet again. This week was a bittersweet one, but this whole month has been a steady trail of upward progression towards my goals and Ive accomplished some great things!

My week went as follows. Heres the calories for each day:

Sunday – 1100 Cal.

Monday – 2000 Cal.

Tuesday – 1900 Cal.

Wednesday – 1750 Cal.

Thursday – 2600 Cal.

Friday – 4600 Cal. (Holy Shit!)

Saturday – 2000 Cal.

Sunday – 950 Cal. (So Far)

As you can see, things started off great. Monday and Tuesday I got out on fast paced walks and fasted a bit and by Wednesday I weighed myself and I was down to 19 St. 08! Which was terrific! I was really happy with that.

But Thursday I had a bit of a drink (Some Whiskey and a Beer) and then Friday I had my cheat day along with some more Beer which caused the calorie count to explode higher than ever! Thankfully I got back to a normal way of eating on Saturday. The danger always is that I might just throw in the towel some day and go back to over-eating. So Sunday Im back dieting and I managed to stick at it.

I ended up smoking two damn fags on Friday when I was drunk too, after being off them all week but I managed to fight the cravings and Im back on the E-Cig again since.(Thank fuck).

I weighed myself today and Im back at 19 St 10 again, thats after eating though so it may be inaccurate. If it is right I have un-did my progress this week with my over eating on the cheat day and the drinking but what can ya do. Its a learning process and Im back at the diet again now so Ill just have to aim higher next week.


This whole month has been brilliant for me. Ive stuck to the diet all month without fail, Ive also quit smoking for the first time in years! Words cant express how amazing that is after feeling trapped by a cancerous habit killing yourself for a decade, even just being able to transition to the E-Cig is incredible to me. Its like a weight off the shoulders, a taste of freedom from smoke and feeling a power you never thought you had, its class!

The highlight of the month had to be week 3 of the diet when I was just winning every single day, getting lots of exercise and eating right and the weight just started dropping off. That along with quitting smoking, getting plans together to achieve my goals, a schedule to stick to, getting this site a dot com name and starting to set up my personal gym.

The only low points were not following through on some plans I had like getting out and about more in town and stuff and just the regular depressing aspects of daily life. But I can aim to do things better from now on!

February is going to be epic. Ive got big plans for my weight loss and Ill be writing lots of short stories, designing artwork, building passive income streams along with releasing great music and having fun with it! I feel like these blog posts are helping me out with motivation and Im building momentum with it all too. Its onwards and upwards from here on out!

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