Week 3 #Getfitordietryin

I’ve been exercising and dieting my ass off now for 3 whole weeks! Its beginning to pay off, I’m starting to shed the pounds. All that fruit and veg and low cal eating is working!

Heres the daily calorie breakdown for the week;

Monday – 2260 Cal

Tuesday – 1800 Cal

Wednesday – 2000 Cal

Thursday – 1800 Cal

Friday – 3780 Cal

Saturday – 2650 Cal

Sunday – 500 Cal so far

I kept my calories around my 2000-2300 limit all week, until I had a wee drink, some biscuits and a cheat fry up again at the weekend. I had a wee drink on Wednesday too but I worked it in.

Tuesday and Thursday I fasted for 8 to 10 hours, thats how I kept the calories so low. I just wasnt hungry, and to anyone who says fasting is bad for you, whats worse I ask? Fasting like that a couple days a week or eating over 4000 calories every day? Im just glad to be eating less and feeling better now.

Friday was the highest cal day and it just serves as a reminder of what I ate every day on my old diet of crap. Im telling you, once you start drinking, all willpower goes out the window and your eating biscuits, chocolate, sweets, fried foods and whatnot.

For exercise Ive just walked at a fast pace every day I could and played Basketball and Footie with myself against a wall for half an hour each day too. The aim is to just get half an hour of heart pounding, chest wheezing exercise in per day. And it feels natural, it feels good.

I quit smoking on Saturday evening. I had a fag to wake myself up this morning too but other than that, its incredible! Food, tea and coffee tastes so much better now! Walking outside, I can actually smell the dew, and the trees and everything in the air! The nicotine stains on my teeth and fingers will begin to fade now too. No more poisonous chemicals like Lead and Cyanide from the Tobacco and no more rotten smoke, a nice sweet Strawberry scent instead!

I stepped on the scales there mid-week and they read 19st 10! I weighed myself today too and after the cheat day and all Im still 19st 10!! Thats 3 pounds Ive managed to lose this week and Im pretty happy with that. I think going for a fast paced walk after a 10 hour fast on Tuesday really kick started the weight loss and it just continued from there! I know now that all I have to do is replicate this week again and again. 3 Pounds is just the beginning. I will continue to win every day, week month and year from here on out!


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