#Getfitordietryin Week 2

Its been a week of Salads, Fruit and Lean Meat. Ive been dieting my ass off since last Sunday! Ive kept the calories under 2,300 each day until the weekend when I had a bit of a cheat.

Ive noticed that Salads give you a shit-tonne of energy compared to meat. I be getting shit done on this diet! The lower calories and eating the right foods seems to have fixed my sleep pattern too. I was sleeping 12 hours a day and now its down to 8, some nights even 6. Simply eating less calories I think may have given my body less work to do digesting and processing food, Im not lethargic or lazy anymore and my mood has been really high all week too.

Heres the calories I ate each day:

Monday: 2250 Cal

Tuesday: 2150 Cal

Wednesday: 1650 Cal

Thursday: 2270 Cal

Friday: 2464 Cal

Saturday: 3000 Cal

Sunday: 1900 Cal so far

Friday I had a wee drink and Saturday I had a cheat fry up and some biscuits. But the rest of the week was mainly salads and fruit with Greek yogurt, chicken, turkey, eggs, soup and the like. I fasted for 7 or 8 hours a couple of days too because on the salad and fruit I just didnt feel hungry. I didnt eat any bread until Saturday when I had the nicest toast ever with my fry up.

I also quickened my pace and walked Monday to Wednesday, along with lifting weights and doing situps and all , just working out. I played some basketball too a few times during the week but I had to take it easy at the end of the week because I was really sore. Im not used to all this activity.

I jumped on the scales earlier today and found that I weigh 19 st 13, around the same damn weight I was last Sunday!! Its a pain in the ass that I dieted all week and ate right, even exercised and still ended up the same damn weight. The only thing I can think of is that muscle weighs more than fat so maybe Ive put some of that on. I wont get discouraged anyway , I feel really good on this diet and my sleeps fixed so its going to be an everyday thing from now on, and hopefully Ill see better results soon!