Willy G Merch Shop!!

Ive just found out about this new site where you can drop ship merch!! Im testing it out with this design just until I get a proper logo done up and I can start providing proper Willy G Merch!!

You order, they print and ship it and I get the profits!! I can then make better products at lower prices and make cool ass shit for you, the fans!!

To check out the shop, Click Here. 

Artwork with GIMP

GNU Image Manipulation Program, not an actual gimp, is what Im using to create some dope artwork! Im using Pixabay too for copyright-free images to alter and work with. My aim is to get some cool looking shit to put on Merchandise Im getting done soon, and have some nice logos and all for this site too.

Im only getting the hang of the basics yet. All I did with that image was put writing on it because thats all I know how to do yet. Do you think its good enough to put on a T Shirt? Let me know in the comments.

Heres another one I did there today:


Its early stages yet but I reckon if I can get good enough quotes and lyrics printed on nice pics or designs I can make some T Shirts that will sell regardless if theyre Willy G merch or not. Ive got big plans!!

I did art in school and its great getting back into it, although nothing beats a pencil and paper, Im hoping I can get some sort of graphics tablet or something to sketch on. Once I get good at using this GIMP program I will be kicking ass!!

Keep an eye out for more artwork coming soon