Xeplion – Anti-psychotic Injection

Picture getting that thing jagged into you! I get it monthly for my Schizophrenia. Its an Intra-muscular injection straight into the deltoid arm muscle (on either arm) every 4 weeks. Xeplion is a liquid solution of Palipiridone and sometimes its grand but others it hurts , either way its a weird ass feeling getting stuff injected into your muscle.

The needle does this thing at the end when the solution is finished and its like residue or something left over that sounds like a squelch , its the most unpleasant sound but it signals the end of the injection so you be relieved to hear it.

Its not fun, theres a 3 monthly injection option which I might switch to, Im undecided because its more solution to last longer and fuck that! A bigger load in the muscle. Longer injection time and all. Possibly wider needle. The whole thing gives me the heebie jeebies.

Its not an ideal solution to Schizophrenia having to get this injection every month, Ive tried before to get it reduced and get off it but with no luck. Non compliance is the problem, they probably think if I only took pills then Id just stop taking them, as I have done before with disastrous consequences. Going mental, Psychosis that lasted months and thinking Im an alien from a different star system and the like. Not pleasant to go through.

Ive just given in now and accepted that the injection is needed. Since Ive been on it I havent had a relapse into psychosis once in a good few years. Im not worried about going mental now because of it, and also staying away from street drugs has helped massively.

On the horizon is possibly a CBD based Anti-psychotic derived from the Cannabis plant though so Im looking forward to that when and if it comes out. There will be way less side effects with that shit and itll be more natural. Studies are being conducted  right now on the Anti-psychotic effects of Cannabidiol and I am excited. Who would have thought what allegedly caused this illness would come round and fix it too!

I wait expectantly for more studies to be done and the results investigated to possibly contribute to the development of a new type of Anti-psychotic in the coming years. Until then though, Im stuck with this Xeplion shit. Hurry up scientists!!

In other news, dont buy Blueberries from Lidl. I just had my beloved Greek yogurt and fruit only to bite into 2 disgustingly off blueberries that mustve been mouldy in the middle or some shit! Bleauguch!! And the rest of them were bland as fuck, whats worse, they had no damn Strawberries!

#Getfitordietrying #CDBforschizophrenia #Intramuscluarantipsychoticinjection

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