Smart Rappers Watch This

Are you putting out groundbreaking music but only getting 3 views per day? Are you putting your blood sweat and tears into EPs that go nowhere? Are you broke? Going backwards? Ive been there. Maybe I still am! But Ive got plans, big plans to expand my business into an empire soon. One thing thats really helped me plan shit out is this guy, Rob Level.

Ive been following this Rob Level guy on Youtube after he popped up in my recommended a few days ago. Level runs the Smart Rapper channel where he gives you advice on marketing, merchandise, networking, studio recording and all sorts of other shit. Heres one of his vids about flipping T Shirts and other merch to make some dough by investing in yourself:

Its good to sit down with a bite of food and stick on one of his vids for something to watch while you eat, he is very informative and seems to know what hes talking about. His advice is sound and its already helping me make plans for the future of my rap career.

Keep an eye out this weekend, all going well Ill have something really cool to unveil around Sunday and its onwards and upwards from there as I build this empire!


-Willy G 

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