This week with Willys Diet

Its Sunday the 6th of January 2019 and Ive been dieting now for a week. I do this thing where I take note of shit I do during the day then revise it all on Sunday to see where Im at with my goals. Its an idea I got from reading The 50th Law by Robert Greene, where his advice was to take regular hard looks at yourself to see what your at , piercing the veil with your razor sharp hustlers eye. Sounded good so I adopted it .

Tuesday 01/01/19

I started my notes on the first, a new year and a new plan to get fit! I tallied up the results of the days eating and came to find Id consumed 3,700 calories!

Thats not good at all for the first day of the diet, but I brushed it off because eating so much over Christmas has a hangover effect of you just continuing to have a huge appetite for a few days I thought, well for me anyway thats how it is.

Heres what I ate that day.

Breakfast A Bacon Buttie with Toast (No Salad)

Lunch An out of date marinated Turkey Burger I had a bite of, and 2 slim world sausages

Snack Sweet Potato cubes with garlic infused batter and herbs

Dinner Bacon Lardons and Penne Pasta in Bacon and Tomato sauce

Supper Ham and Cheese Sandwich with Taco Sauce 

Snack A few Chocolate fingers

Then a midnight snack Super Noodles

And you have to count the calories in sweetners and milk from Tea & Coffee all day.

I mustve worked out the math but it all added up to 3,700 cal.

My Exercise for the day was a medium paced walk for half a mile Id say.

I didnt even notice I ate so much till I looked back over the notes. At this point I was feeling trapped by the food, like I couldnt stop being hungry and eating this amount of shit so I felt there was no hope. It wasnt until Sunday when I worked out a plan for healthy eating that I felt some hope.

Tuesdays just a sample of what I was eating. The rest of the week was up and down .

Wednesday – 2800 cal.

Thursday – 2850 cal.

Friday – 3650 cal.

Saturday – 2550 cal.

Sunday –  1900 cal ( so far at 12.00 midnight)


I drank on Thursday ( 1 glass of whiskey and coke) , Then I finished the bottle and had like 5 whiskey and cokes on Friday, Saturday I consumed 1000 cal of alcohol with 5 Perlenbacher 500ml bottles. Which brings us to Sunday, while Im writing this.

I worked out today that you could have 4 300 cal meals per day and still be at 1200 cal for the day. or 4 500 cal meals and be at 2000 for the day, you just have to plan out what your going to eat before hand and not let yourself eat anything more. I settled on this plan

Breakfast – 500 cal meal.

Lunch – 300 cal meal.

Dinner – 500 cal meal

Supper – 300 cal meal

Thats 1600 cal, leaving room for some snacks and tea and coffee.

Ive written out all the options I have for each meal, so its just a matter of having a variety everyday and switching it up so you dont get bored.

Ill post a meal plan at some point but it just involves lots of Salad, Stir fries, Soup, Eggs, anything with vegetables really. Pasta and rice too in small quantities, cereal like wheetabix and for snacks handfuls of nuts and apples, a smoothie maybe etc.

I am trying to get out for a walk at least once a day too for half a mile, trying to up the pace so I get my heart rate going and out of breath. I will be working in working out from next week on too which involves sit ups, push ups and weights doing a kind of interval training. I have an exercise bike and a football too if I can stop my Dogs trying to bust the damn thing! The aim is to get as active as possible.

In conclusion

I think its not a bad start to the years diet plan. A couple of near-4,000 cal slip ups a couple of days there and the rest were around 2800 which is what I need to maintain my weight so I wont be gaining any at that.

Moving forward into next week I need to keep daily calories between 2,000 – 2,300, 500 cal lower than what I need to maintain, so Ill be burning fat and losing weight. With this meal plan worked out we will soon see how easy it is, and I will need to work in more exercise daily from tomorrow on too.

I will keep you readers posted as I go on, and if you have any suggestions dont hesitate to drop a comment!

Thanks for reading

Willy G 


  1. Keep up the effort Willie. Eat less and move more seems to work!!!

    Do it for how it makes you feel rather than for weight loss targets. You’ll feel much better as soon as you up the exercise and get used to smaller portions and different types of food.

    Good luck & keep us posted.


    • Thanks man, I know what you mean, I had a kale salad yesterday before bed and it gave me a fierce amount of energy , gotta switch it to breakfast instead lol
      It did feel great though not being bogged down by meat digesting all the time. Ill post an update every sunday here so you can see how Im doing!


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