Weight Loss Battle

As I write this, I am nearly 20 stone weight!! This is not good. The health effects alone should be enough to get me off my ass and training, not to mention the grotesque sight of an obese belly in the mirror!

Over the past year Ive made a few half assed attempts at losing weight. Ive tried using my exercise bike every hour of the day for like a month straight but it didnt do any good. Ive went on a Ketogenic diet, which was working until I read on some forum online that it can give you kidney stones so I gave up and feasted on delicious bread. Ive planned out my days down to the last minute to try to get shit done, including losing weight, only to go off track and forget about it.

I last lost weight while gardening two years ago, I was exercise biking, eating right and walking along with gardening (digging muck and all) everyday and I lost a good few pounds. Before that it was working with my uncles building one of their houses where I lost 3 stone over a few months! Horsing bricks up ladders and mixing concrete is a good workout. But since then I havent been able to shift the weight, and whats worse, Ive actually gained a few stone!!

I just look at the scales saying 19.13 now and think ‘fuck this’. 20 stone is too damn heavy if your not a sumo wrestler like. My new years resolution is to dedicate this whole year to losing at least 5 stone. I know I can do it if I put my mind to it, and Im already eating salads and cooking stir fried vegetables and all sorts of healthy shit.

The main problem is the drink. I would drink like everyday if it didnt mean I was an alcoholic but I try to keep it to weekends. I aimed to do a dry January and drink next month until I experimented with just having one whiskey on Thursday night. That went well until Friday where I tried it again and ended up finishing the bottle! Then I was in Lidl on Saturday and they had 8 500ml bottles of Perlenbacher for 7.50 euros! It was too good to pass up. Now Ive got 3 left and Im debating drinking them tonight or something.

5 of those is 1000 calories like! Its a disaster, Ive had days this week where Ive eaten close to 4,000 calories!! and thats on a diet! Meh, its to be expected after months of eating shit at every opportunity. Ive had days where it was 2,700 cal this week too and thats about the amount I need to maintain my weight, based on my calculations I need 2,300 or below to lose any weight.

Im trying not to lose it too fast either, because you can get stuck with this excess skin that looks nasty and you need an operation to remove so Im looking into supplements and creams to stop that along with a slow and steady loss of about a pound or two a week, all going well. So I cant dip below 2,000 cal daily.

My objective from here on out is to win every day!! Salads and soups and stir fries, lots of eggs and wheetabix and less bacon and sausage fry ups, less chocolate bars and most importantly, less beer and whiskey!! The caloric sweet spot is between 2,000 and 2,300 calories per day. if Im in there I know Im losing something.

Im going to keep this blog updated weekly with my progress and put myself on deaths ground if you will, by stating here that Im going to lose 5 damn stone by the end of the year one way or another! By proclaiming it online Im going to have to do it or look like an idiot, worst case scenario I fail and figure out why I failed and try again, or best case, I end up fitter and healthier because of it!! its a win win situation.

Wish me luck!

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