Summertime, New Mixtape & More

I just dropped the first single off my Debut Album, its called Summertime. Produced by FreshEireMusic, its a feelgood summer jam!


I actually just wrote it last night as part of the Steemit Music League challenge , which is a competition on Steemit where your given a topic each week and you have to come up with a tune for it. In contrast to this feel good song, I have also dropped a twisted dark humored tune below:


Ive been working on a mixtape with London Producer Termite, and I just dropped this weeks Worldwide Jam verse. Its an alternate version of a track on the Mixtape about being Schizophrenic and having a voice in your head dissing you all the time. I try to see the lighter side of a depressing situation and enjoy the humor in the disses!


And last but not least , I have been working on a song about Schizophrenia, taking a look at the stigma surrounding it and the mental health system in Ireland. It could be better I think, I point out Electro Shock Therapy and Psychosurgery ( aka Lobotomy) still happening as something to be concerned about and try to describe the struggle of someone with mental heatlh issues in Ireland today.



The hook was inspired by 50 Cents ‘Many Men (wish death upon me)’.

Thats all for today folks! Thanks for reading/listening. 

-Willy G 

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