New Verse, Monsters Live,

Whatup everyone! Heres my round up for yesterday of all the stuff I was up to on Steemit.

First up, I released an article about free books! If your a reader be sure to check out where you can get free PDFs for your tablet below:

ScribblingWilly on Free books!

Next up, I got a bit drunk and started writing a verse… A friend of mine was saying they were feeling a bit down, so I thought Id try to cheer them up , along with anyone out there having a bad day, with this wee 24 bar verse!


And finally, I did Monsters live in my room, for the Steemit Open Mic! It has to be a live performance of your tune so I had to record it this way, I hope I place high or even win!


Thats it from yesterday! Hope you enjoyed that, and thanks for visiting my site!

Check the link below for my Steemit Profile, all my recent stuffs on there:

Willy G on Steemit

Have a look around, Ive got tonnes of music on here! 


-Willy G 

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