Steemit Rap Competitions

After a productive day yesterday, I think I put out 4 new tunes! Im back making money on Steemit, with my Try Again song with JamesGetsit making a steadily rising bitta Crypto-Cash!

I wanna share with you all the competitions on Steemit that you could be involved in, if you got an account and wanted to make some money. Fuck having to pay for adds on Facebook, when you can get paid for your content on Steemit!

First up is the Steemit Rap Challenge. I have been entering this Challenge since I first got on Steemit last year, and its one of the most popular Rap competitions. It gets a good lot of entries, and the competition is feirce! In all my weeks of entries , Ive only ever made the top 3 in 3rd place I think!! Follow the link below to see all the entries for the last Rap Challenge.

Steemit Rap Challenge

Second is the SML (Steemit Music League) Challenge. This is one where you earn points per round, and at the end of the season, the person with the most points wins the grand prize!! It could make you very rich! It includes Beatmakers, MCs, Singers and Poets! Follow the link below to check out the review for the last round (5).

SML Challenge on Steemit

And last but not least is the Steemit Open Mic! This one is fun, its full of all kinds of talent, singers, acoustic acts, MCs and whatnot! There is a big prize , like 100 SBD or so for the winner last time I checked! If you wanna see all the entries, check the link below, its really a fun way to pass the time!

Steemit Open Mic

Oh shit, I almost forgot, theres one more!! Well, theres probably tonnes more out there but these are the ones Ive found so far, Termites World-Wide Jam!! Termite is a London Based Producer who puts out a beat each week for MCs to spit some rhymes on and jam to, and the best entry wins a prize of some SBD!! Ive won it many times now and its my favourite MC Challenge!! Check last weeks entries on the link below!

Termite’s World-Wide Jam!

If you want to get started, have a look around my profile, check out how much Im earning and all my Stats, and sign up! Its given me a good dose of inspiration getting paid for my music, and the support from the Steemit community is great!

Willy G on Steemit

Thanks for reading, Have a look around, Ive got tonnes of music on here! 


-Willy G